Draft class special: Who stays and who goes?

Not since 2003 has every Chargers draft pick earned a roster spot. The class of '07 certainly has the talent to buck that trend, but each of the second-day picks will have to earn his place with strong preseason play. So which rookies are completely safe and which will be fighting for their professional lives? Here are the odds facing each draftee.

Craig Davis, WR

Even if Davis was caught sleeping with Norv Turner's wife, he would still make the team. Wide receiver is the team's only glaring weakness, so the addition of Davis' speed, hands and elusiveness is critical. The key for Davis is health. He had a reputation in college for letting nagging injuries affect his play, and he is living up to that reputation so far this offseason.

Odds of being released: None.

Eric Weddle, SS

Eric Weddle is one of the least-endangered players on the team, right up there behind LaDainian Tomlinson and Shawne Merriman. The Chargers are built through the draft, so the fact that General Manager A.J. Smith traded four picks to move up for Weddle speaks volumes. Expect Weddle to be in the starting line-up on opening day.

Odds of being released: None.

Anthony Waters, ILB

It is difficult to gauge Waters' value as a rookie. On one hand, he is a ferocious hitter with sideline-to-sideline range, and is talented enough to challenge for a starting spot. On the other, would the team be appreciably worse if he was gone? After all, Tim Dobbins and Brandon Siler represent pretty good depth behind Stephen Cooper and Matt Wilhelm.

Odds of being released: Slimmer than Nicole Richie.

Scott Chandler, TE

At first glance, Chandler appears completely safe. He has great size (6-foot-7, 265 pounds), soft hands and great technique as a blocker. Don't sleep on No. 4 tight end Kelly Griffeth, a blocking specialist who is a mauler at the point of attack. However, the odds still favor Chandler because of his superior receiving skills and potential.

Odds of being released: Same as the odds of the Oakland Raiders making the playoffs.

Legedu Naanee, WR

Although he is talented and versatile, Naanee is the rookie most likely to go home. Keeping Naanee would mean cutting Greg Camarillo, a player with superior hands, route-running precision and work ethic. Still, Naanee will likely stay, as Coach Turner views him as a mismatch waiting to happen. Naanee will fill the role the team had once envisioned for Ryan Krause.

Odds of being released: Same as the odds of the Kansas City Chiefs making the playoffs.

Brandon Siler, ILB

Despite being the team's last pick, Siler is the most secure of the day-two selections. He was the best value pick of the Chargers' draft and will earn his keep on special teams while proving depth at linebacker. The Chargers kept five inside ‘backers last season and there is no reason to expect anything different this time around.

Odds of being released: Same as the odds of the Denver Broncos' offensive line playing like real men.

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