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For those fans that have yet to subscribe, here is a rare chance to see what you are missing. Between July 1 and July 4, all Insider articles will be free! So click around and see what this Web site is all about. This is a great opportunity to get the inside scoop not just on the Chargers, but on some of their top rivals in the über-competitive AFC. conducts exclusive interviews with members of the Chargers rookie class. Recently, cornerback Quinton Jones talked about his goals for the season, and guard Jeremy Sheffey spoke of how the Chargers swooped in and stole him from the Houston Texans. Prior to that, Antwan Applewhite talked about why he chose to stay in San Diego and Legedu Naanee chatted about how he will be deployed in the offense.

Speaking of chats, NFL expert Adam Caplan stopped by while making his rounds throughout the network, answering questions for all Chargers Insiders. An article highlighting his juiciest answers from every site was posted shortly thereafter.

Additionally, broke down every position on the Chargers roster: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, offensive line, defensive line, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, safety, cornerback, special teams, and coaching staff.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to joining the network is access to information from every site's team expert. See what a huge perk that is in this offseason edition of Behind Enemy Lines, in which Oakland Raiders expert Denis Savage tells Chargers fans all they need to know about their most hated rivals. Also, scouting reports are provided on the Chargers' top competitors, such as this one on the New England Patriots.

So, to steal a line from Ace Ventura: "Go ahead, snoop around." Some things are still reserved for subscribers only, such audio, video, chats and premium message boards, which include conversations with team experts and nuggets of breaking information. However, there are plenty of great articles to peruse, so have at it!

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