Adam Caplan Chat Transcripts, Part II

NFL expert Adam Caplan has been making his rounds across the network, dropping nuggets of knowledge at every stop. A national reporter for Sirius and a partner at, Caplan has been a great source for free agent signing news, as well as exclusive draft information. The following is a recap of his thoughts on the football world.

What are the Cleveland Browns going to do with Kevin Shafer? Will they trade or move to the right side?

Caplan: They will make that decision after a few weeks of camp, but what they would like is for Thomas to prove he's ready to start and move Shaffer in a trade. They already have Butler as the backup right tackle and they can't pay Shaffer to be a backup.

Are there any looming cuts that may take us by surprise?

Caplan: As I noted in the last chat, teams rarely cut and sign players now. Donovan Darius was about the best free agent that was available. Although if Keenan McCardell has anything left, he wouldn't be a bad No. 3. However, his play really fell off last season. The Saints brought him in for a visit.

What have you heard about Braylon Edwards?

Caplan: Edwards looks good for the most part. Physically, he looks all the way back from the ACL surgery.

Does Jamal Lewis have anything left? It seems like the national media is writing him off at this point.

Caplan: If Williams gets his weight down to 235 pounds like he said he will, that will help big time. He hasn't been that light since his rookie season. But he still isn't the same back; he changed his running style a few years ago after his ankle injury. He stops and starts, and is a plodder now.

Are you impressed with Offensive Coordinator Rod Chudzinski or will this offense be as predictable as Maurice Carthon's?

Adam Caplan: I like Chud's philosophy. They will move tight ends and wide receivers around to take advantage of match-ups.

Who are your three teams on an upswing and three on a downswing?

Caplan: Up: Detroit Lions (don't laugh), Arizona Cardinals (okay, you can laugh), and the San Francisco 49ers. Down: Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Will the NFL ever have a team in Los Angeles again?

Caplan: Yes, but it will be a while.

Given his bold predications, how will Jon Kitna do this year?

Caplan: 25 touchdown throws for Kitna this season.

What is the latest on Reggie Hayward's progress?

Caplan: He's expected to work once a day, then possibly on and off. He might practice one day, then rest the next. Achilles injuries usually take six-nine months. I wouldn't expect him to be like he was before he got hurt.

What is the New England Patriots' reasoning for re-signing Troy Brown, given their offseason receiver additions?

Caplan: Bill Belichick loves him. He said months ago that Brown had a spot on the team. Don't forget, he can return punts and play cornerback, too, so the wide receiver part doesn't matter that much.

What rookies do you see having the biggest impact in the AFC South this season?

Caplan: Anthony Gonzalez playing slot for the Indianapolis Colts, Amobi Okoye for the Houston Texans, and Reggie Nelson for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Will the Colts' defense be better this season than last?

Caplan: Probably not, but they are still one of the top two teams in the AFC. New England is better, but Laurence Maroney needs to be ready.

Will Vince Young continue his rise or be exposed as a one-trick pony?

Caplan: He has a bad wide receiver corps to work with, and that could be a problem.

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