Adam Caplan Chat Transcripts, Part I

NFL expert Adam Caplan has been making his rounds across the network, dropping nuggets of knowledge at every stop. A national reporter for Sirius and a partner at, Caplan has been a great source for free agent signing news, as well as exclusive draft information. The following is a recap of his thoughts on the football world.

Do you think San Diego will fall off with a new coach?

Caplan: I would be concerned. That team needs to be pushed.

What impact do you see Darius having with the Oakland Raiders this year?

Caplan: He'll provide depth more than anything else.

Have we seen the last of Rod Smith in Denver?

Caplan: Brandon Stokley may move ahead of him.

Does Odell Thurman get reinstated for the Cincinnati Bengals, and does he have a job when he does?

Caplan: They will play that by ear if he does. They really don't need him that much now, because they're set at middle linebacker.

Is Daunte Culpepper healthy enough to compete this season?

Caplan: The sense is that he could start season on the physically-unable-to-perform list.

What is the latest on Priest Holmes? He hasn't filed retirement papers yet.

Caplan: He hasn't been cleared to play yet.

Will Marc Bulger flee to Detroit to reunite with Mike Martz next year?

Caplan: I doubt it. The St. Louis Rams need Bulger. They don't want to start over at quarterback.

Will the Buccaneers part ways with Chris Simms anytime soon?

Caplan: No, although Jeff Garcia will be the starter to begin the season.

What do you think of Andre Wadsworth trying to make the Jets roster? Shouldn't he just give it up already?

Caplan: He has done well for himself off the field, but he feels the need to play. However, has endured more than 10 surgeries to that knee.

Will the Chicago Bears deal Alex Brown anytime soon?

Caplan: By the end of August, he should be gone.

Will Jerious Norwood take over the No. 1 spot from Warrick Dunn this season?

Caplan: Dunn will likely start but look for a running back-by-committee situation. Norwood is a 10-12 carry per game running back, but he could be more if he can prove he's strong enough physically.

Will the Texans be better in '07?

Caplan: Yes, because of the new quarterback. They should finish with five or six wins. They will have mostly the same offensive line and a better running back in Ahman Green. Their tight end (Owen Daniels) is good, too.

What's your opinion on the Minnesota Vikings' draft in April?

Caplan: They did fine as far as filling needs. Marcus McCauley is seen as a steal by league insiders. But I think they still have problems at wide receiver that weren't solved.

What were the character issues concerning the players in the supplemental draft?

Caplan: Gaither wasn't a good student, so that's an issue. His ability to learn obviously is in question. I talked to Oliver last weekend; he's very focused on preparation.

Is there any inside information on the Michael Vick situation?

Caplan: It's hard to say. I don't think it's over by any stretch.

What are your thoughts on the Vikings' rookie receivers?

Caplan: Aundrae Allison has Inconsistent hands but he runs well. Route-running also is an issue. Allison did have a good week during Senior Bowl practices. Sydney Rice should be good for three or four scores. He needs work and doesn't run that well. Based on game tape by scouts: Big frame, uses leverage well, and run-after-the-catch skills could be good.

What have you heard about the Vikings' new tight end, Visanthe Shiancoe? Rumor has it he has been a disappointment.

Caplan: I'm willing to give him a chance. When I talked to Brad Childress at the owners' meetings, he was pretty certain that the guy would be a big factor.

How do you think Randy Moss will do this year with the Patriots?

Caplan: Quite well. He'll fall in line. They all do there.

Who will start for the Vikings at safety, given all the talent they have in that group?

Caplan: Darren Sharper and Dwight Smith will start. Smith knows the system, which is very important. Mike Doss isn't anything special; he was an underachiever with the Colts. Hopefully, Tank Williams won't get hurt early on again.

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