Exclusive Interview! Keith Grennan

In a recent interview with SDBoltReport.com, Ryon Bingham singled out Keith Grennan as one of the surprise players from this year's bunch of undrafted rookies. Now, we check in with Grennan himself to see what he's doing to get noticed. Hear why he signed in San Diego, how he feels about the new coaching staff, and what his reaction is to Bingham's praise in this exclusive interview.

Going back to draft day, what made you decide to sign with the Chargers?

Grennan: The fact that it was close to home was important (he lives in Washington). Also, I knew about the defensive line coach, Wayne Nunnely, and knew he was a great coach. He has a reputation for developing young defensive linemen. This is only my second year playing on defense. Before that I was playing left tackle, and I was a tight end when I was at Central Washington.

Your defensive line coach, Wayne Nunnely, is the Chargers' longest tenured coach and a known advocate of including all of his players in the rotation. What has it been like working with Coach Nunnely, and what have you learned so far?

Grennan: Coach Nunnely has taught me a lot technique. That has been the main thing is getting my technique down. We are working on the little things like lining up on the inside shoulder of the tackle, getting off the ball and things like that.

As far as your other coaches, what are your impressions of Head Coach Norv Turner and Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell?

Grennan: They both seem like great guys. There is really a great atmosphere with those two around. With Coach Cottrell, he runs a hardnosed defense. He has his guys ready to take it to 'em on every play.

Defensive tackle Ryon Bingham told SDBoltReport.com that you have been the most impressive of the undrafted rookie linemen. How flattering is this and what have you done to earn that distinction?

Grennan: It is an incredible honor for a veteran guy like Ryon to say something like that. I think the key for me has just been putting in the extra time. You have to be willing to put in the work on and off the field. Other than that, I've been working really hard to learn the playbook.

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