Insider Exclusive: Keith Grennan Interview!

No matter how loaded the Chargers depth chart, one or two undrafted free agents always find a way to win a place on the backend of the roster. This year, Keith Grennan appears to have the inside track on one of those spots. Learn Grennan's thoughts about his fellow linemen, his first experience in a 3-4 defense and his expectations for his rookie season in this exclusive interview.

There may be no better starting three in the league than Luis Castillo, Jamal Williams and Igor Olshansky. How beneficial is it to learn behind three studs like this?

Grennan: I think those three make the best defensive line in the league. They are all so fundamentally sound. I learn so much from watching them play. They've been really good about giving me pointers and answering any questions I have, especially Luis and Igor.

Defensive ends Jacques Cesaire and Derreck Robinson both made the team as undrafted free agents. Have either of those two been able to give you any encouragement in your quest to make the roster?

Grennan: They've told me to stay focused, go hard on every play and make every rep count. I realize that as an undrafted rookie I have to work to stand out on every play. It's also important not to make many mistakes, because undrafted rookies don't have that luxury.

How much experience do you have in a 3-4 scheme like the one used in San Diego? How do you feel your skill set fits in this defense?

Grennan: This is my first-time playing in a 3-4 defense. I think I'm well suited for a defense like this. I have the size and speed to play outside and bring pressure off the edge, and the size to play 3-technique inside against the run.

The biggest challenge for most rookies is learning the playbook and getting comfortable enough to react without hesitation. How are you doing in this regard?

Grennan: I think I'm coming along pretty well. I'm putting in extra time after practices and staying in my playbook every chance I get. The sooner you can get comfortable enough to react without thinking, the better.

How would you describe your style of play to fans that have not seen you in action?

Grennan: I think I'm a pretty hardnosed guy. I'm physical and kind of an old-school player. I give 110 percent on every snap and always run to the ball. I'm a classic defensive lineman, through and through.

What goals have you set for your rookie season?

Grennan: Right now, I am focused on earning a spot on the active roster. That has to come before anything else.

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