Cornerback battle gets fans charged up!

The competitive and optimistic buzz of training camp has begun. With all the draft picks signed, the focus is the business taking place on the field, rather than off. The battle for a starting role was placed in the corner, but there was a notable first day winner as Drayton Florence and Antonio Cromartie went toe to toe.

The hangover of last year's disappointing end has been nursed back to health and the anticipation of the team's season is in full effect. Fans fully decked in Chargers gear waited in long lines for the training camp facility's gate to open for the first day of full team practice. Team and fan's expectations were high, even in warm-ups. Players were disappointed with missed plays their first minutes on the field. Eric Weddle was consoled after dropping a pass from the ball machine. There was an audible "Ooohh" when Vincent Jackson did the same.

The battle for the starting cornerback role is underway, and Drayton Florence came out strong. He looks to be the man to beat. During the seven-on-seven passing drills he intercepted a pass that Philip Rivers intended for Malcom Floyd. Florence also provided good coverage a few plays later, which resulted in a minimal one yard gain for the offense.

The two CB's vying for the starting role faced different teammates during the one-on-one drills. Antonio Cromartie went up against Gabe Franklin, followed by Quentin Jammer. The two match ups did not yield any completions. CB Quinton Jones out of Boise State had a quick recovery during drills that showed even on the first day he was in it to win it.

The battle for starting wide receiver was put on hold with Eric Parker sitting out due to a toe injury.

Full-pad practices start Monday, and the leisurely start to training camp will change. Practices will intensify and the starting role match-ups are bound to do the same.

The late afternoon practice ended on a high note for fans and players. The team came together for a team stretch, followed by a lengthy autograph session.

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