Is starting on Craig's list?

With training camp underway and Eric Parker nursing a toe injury, Craig Davis steps into the No. 2 wide receiver slot to fill the vacancy. However, Davis is exceeding all expectations of a temporary "fill-in", justifying the first-round pick the Chargers spent on him in April.

Day two of training camp began as usual, as the receivers split apart to work on timing patterns with the coaches. Craig Davis' performance in the warm-up drill was only average, not distinguishing himself as one might expect. However, this drill hardly foreshadowed the strength and speed Davis would later demonstrate in the seven-on-seven and eleven-on-eleven passing drills against the first-string defense.

Once the real competition began, Davis grabbed the opportunity to display his talent and ability. He worked with the first-team offense, more often than not being covered by Antonio Cromartie. It was here Davis took his game to another level.

With Philip Rivers at quarterback, Davis followed the cutting patterns with explosion and intent, receiving passes with agility and strength. Not only was he making receptions against Cromartie and Drayton Florence, but he took it even a step further by leaving them in his dust.

Among his amazing plays of the practice, Davis caught a slant pass from Rivers, streaking past Florence, who most likely underestimated Davis's speed. The fans were left to question whether that was in fact their beloved Florence sporting the No. 29 jersey or just Florence Nightingale.

Davis left neither nook nor cranny untouched, showing the fans and coaches what they were hoping to find in their top draft pick. He also proven to be a viable option for the No. 2 receiver gig, a possibility that has grown more likely with Eric Parker's injury. This possibility will grow more and more likely every day Davis is on the field and Parker is not.

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