Bolts play 'Lights Out' before night practice

As the lights prepare to go on for the first night practice of camp, two Chargers deliver hits with the ferocity to do the opposite, and neither was wearing No. 56. Despite a 10-game starter complaining of knee pain, the practice was mostly positive. If the team keeps up the high voltage of day four, the crew at Chargers Park may be able to hold off on stadium lights.

The Chargers have yet to finish a full week of camp, but the big hits are already coming in bunches. One collision echoed throughout Chargers Park as free safety Bhawoh Jue drilled wide receiver Kassim Osgood in the end zone. The impact caught Osgood off guard and jarred loose a would-be touchdown. A hit of a different sort was delivered by Roman Oben, with Marques Harris at the receiving end. During a one-on-one drill, Oben went beyond blocking when he took Harris to the ground. Teammates quickly interceded to prevent a scuffle.

It seems the positive morale provided by seventh-year linebacker Carlos Polk had no effect on his teammates. Polk has provided his voice in songs and chants since day one.

Earlier in practice, the secondary ran receiving drills. Rookie Tra Battle, a safety out of Georgia, made a spectacular leaping reception, while Antonio Cromartie just missed out on one of his own.

The defensive backs then moved up field to take on the wide receivers for some one-on-one action. Former University of Georgia standout Paul Oliver went 0-for-2 against fellow rookie Sonny Shackelford. Jarrett Hicks, from Texas Tech also toasted Oliver, leaving the supplement draft pick 0-for-3 in the drill.

Oliver is competing for a role in the dime defense this season and is expected to move into the nickel spot in 2008, assuming Drayton Florence is not re-signed.

Vincent Jackson has his best practice of training camp. He dominated the playing field, as his hands were continually quick and available.

Hicks is another receiver who stood out. He has shined throughout camp, exploding off the line and selling his routes well. He is quick and has strong hands, giving him a legitimate chance to steal a roster spot.

Cromartie and Matt Wilhelm seemed chummy on the sidelines; both are coping with heightened expectations for the upcoming season. Also on the sidelines, defensive end Jacques Cesaire complained that his left knee was bothering him. The fifth-year player pointed out his left kneecap to coaches and teammates. His concern brought attention from Luis Castillo and Ryon Bingham. Cesaire attempted to keep pressure off the left side by continuously shifting his weight; when the group split, he limped and then attempted to jog to his squad.

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