Red sky at night, Chargers' delight

Tensions boiled over on day five of training camp, culminating in an inter-squad brawl. Darren Sproles' roadrunner speed awed the crowd and fans threw elbows during the pre-practice autograph session; however, several questions floated through the cool evening air. Most centered on the presence of a former all-star receiver on the sidelines, perhaps ready to sign a contract with the Chargers.

The usual footwork and passing drills kicked off practice, but it was a sampling of the Oklahoma drill that lit a fire under the Chargers Park crowd. Scott Mruczkowski twice went up against Carlos Polk, and Mruczkowski shut up the loud-mouthed linebacker on both occasions.

The fire spread when former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson strutted down the sidelines before stopping to watch the practice from the 50-yard line. Johnson is now retired and working as an analyst for ESPN. Before hanging up his cleats, he expressed his desire to play for the Chargers.

Johnson got an up-close look at the one-on-one drills between the cornerbacks and receivers, trying to figure out how Vincent Jackson, smothered by Drayton Florence's tight defense, was able to snatch the tight pass from up top, plummet to the ground and still maintain possession. He had much to study because seconds later, Greg Camarillo, covered by Eric Weddle, snagged the ball while mid-air, stumbled to the ground, then rolled on his head with the ball still in hand.

C.S. Keys, famous anchorman and infamous for his crazed loyalty to the Oakland Raiders, rolled in with the Fox News crew. Booing and hissing from the stands immediately filled the air.

The jeers turned to cheers when Darren Sproles began returning kicks. Sproles proved electric, dodging defenders in his own express lane whenever his hands possessed the ball. Rookie Craig Davis, a stand out of the training camp thus far, worked in with Sproles, proving his ability to excel wherever he is on the field.

Both Philip Rivers and Billy Volek struggled to find open players during the 11-on-11 session. Much of this can be attributed to linebacker Anthony Waters, a rookie from Clemson on the mends from last season's ACL injury. He played with a fiery passion and displayed his strength and power in getting off blocks and dragging down ball carriers.

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