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The preseason finale against the San Francisco 49ers left more questions than roster spots as players made extraordinary strives to remain a Charger after Saturday's round of final cuts.

Unfinished business

--Clinton Hart's unexpected intensity in training camp put added pressure on the strong safety battle between the five-year player and rookie Eric Weddle. Ron Rivera's inside linebackers helped Hart argue his case for the starting role, when they forced an early release by Alex Smith to Taylor Jacobs, which helped Hart come up with the interception.

--Only five minutes passed before Weddle countered Hart with an interception of his own. Teammate Tim Dobbins, who is fighting for his own roster spot, took out an intended receiver, to assist in Weddle's case. Later, the rookie took matters into his own hands with an interception in the last play of the game.

--After sitting the preseason games out due to a strained calf, Matt Wilhelm was back in action for a couple handfuls of reps. Dobbins continued to show his presence in Wilhelm's absence. The second-year player had two tackles, two combined, one interception, one forced fumble, and one assist. One tackle came from hammering Delanie Walker, which knocked the 49ers helmet off.


--With the inevitable slimmed down roster less than 48 hours away, timing could not have been better for Paul Oliver's first interception as a Charger. The rookie out of Georgia played to impress with a sack to finish off the third quarter.

--Greg Camarillo reached Bryan Gilmore second, but he was the first to stop him after 18 yards on a kick return from un-drafted free agent Brian Monroe, who will most likely feel the ax on Saturday.

--Defense gave third string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst plenty of time on his first play of the game, but his pass to tight end Scott Chandler fell incomplete.

--Whitehurst's responded with a right on the money throw to Craig Davis, which brought the wide receiver his first NFL touchdown and the first of the night.

It Takes Two

--Cornerback Antonio Cromartie missed easy coverage on Thursday night. No. 31 was in the right spot to stop Darnell Bing, but Bhawoh Jue was needed to prevent further yards.

--Carlos Polk and Giles Tucker joined forces to effectively shutdown a San Francisco touchdown opportunity. Polk was up first, as he brought great pressure on San Francisco's quarterback Shaun Hill, which made the 49er throw away a pass to the end zone, followed by a sack from Giles Tucker, which forced a field goal.

--Kris Dielman and Drayton Florence got their reps as they playfully hustled Lorenzo Neal and Matt Wilhelm on the sidelines, as the later interviewed with CBS's commentators.

--Tim Dobbins had a good look at a sac, but Steve Gregory brought down the receiver once the pass was completed.

--Jacques Cesaire came up with the ball for a turn around, after Igor Olshansky assisted on a sack.

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