Insider Exclusive! Jeromey Clary

So much for a sophomore slump. After spending his rookie season on the practice squad, Jeromey Clary bounced back strong and leapfrogged Cory Lekkerkerker and Roman Oben on the depth chart. His latest task: a one-on-one with Amberly Richardson.

Amberly Richardson: When you made the team, it was assumed that veteran Roman Oben would be the No. 3 tackle and you would be No. 4, but on Sunday that was reversed. Will that be your permanent role?

Jeromey Clary: Nothing is ever permanent in this league. It's week to week. I don't really know to be honest with you.

AR: You were on the field during the broken play when Philip Rivers rushed for a first down on 4th and 1. What happened there?

JC: I haven't watched the film yet. Something happened behind me and Philip became a playmaker. I'm just taking care of my assignment and everything else just falls into place.

AR: Is there pressure on the offensive line to assist in another record-breaking season for LaDainian Tomlinson?

JC: I don't thinking having an L.T. on your team is pressure. It is the opposite. He can make plays that other people can't. Having an L.T. and a Michael Turner on your team is the exact opposite of pressure.

AR: Going back to Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears, what do you think of the Bears defense holding L.T. to just 25 yards?

JC: We knew they had a great defense coming into the game. They were in the top 10 in almost every defensive ranking in the league. It's going to happen when you play against a good defense that the running game is going to be held back and it was.

AR: Norv Turner is definitely an offensive coach, what impact did he have on the Chargers ability to go around the Bears defense in the second half?

JC: Norv and the coaching staff had a lot to do with the win. We looked a lot different in the second half than the first and second quarters. We made the right adjustments and we came out looking better.

AR: Do you see any major changes, offensively, under Norv Tuner?

JC: Not really. Norv installed the offense when he was here last. Cam Cameron continued that offense and made it his own, and now it is just turned back into Norv's hands. Not much has changed.

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