Insider Interview! Jeromey Clary

Jeromey Clary played in his first regular season game on Sunday, helping the Chargers grind out a crucial win on opening day. He checks in with to provide an update on his progress and a forecast for next weekend's game against the New England Patriots.

Amberly Richardson: How intense was the training camp battle for a spot on the offensive line?

Jeromey Clary: The offensive line is always intense. We are hitting guys and we are down in the trenches. Training camp is always intense, too. A bunch of people are fighting for their jobs. It shows the competitive nature of the business.

AR: You told in 2006 in this interview that you thought being on the practice squad would be good experience and would give you time to adjust to the NFL. How does that statement hold up today?

JC: It was absolutely a good experience. To be on a practice squad is not what every guy wants coming out of college, but it got me where I am today.

AR: How did it prepare you for the business side of the NFL?

JC: You get to see guys come in for a week or three weeks and then they are gone. Shows how brutal the business is. It also helped me adjust to the length of the season. In college you play 11-12 games, now it is 16 games plus playoffs. It's a long year, so the practice squad also helps the body adjust.

AR: Speaking of playoffs, going into Sunday's game against the New England Patriots, how important is it to the team to bring home a win after what happened last season?

JC: There is definitely emotional scaring that we want to erase, but that was last year. There are different people on their team and different people on our team. We have to play one game at a time.

AR: With one year of experience under your belt, has your perception of what it means to be a professional football player changed?

JC: I had pretty high expectations and I've met all of them, so it really hasn't changed. I've dreamed of this since I was a little kid. It is awesome to be here and I'm having fun.

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