The Last Word

Denver Broncos linebacker Ian Gold noticed some impressive qualities when he faced Drew Brees in college. "I remember his confidence, he goes out there and gets the guys to believe in the offense and him." said Gold, who played for Michigan while the 6-foot Brees started at Purdue.

Ian Gold said Brees also can hurt a defense with his scrambling ability. "They're going to try to get him out of the pocket because he is shorter than the average quarterback. We look at him as any other quarterback we face. He's a good quarterback, a young quarterback. Hopefully we can expose him in a few areas, mostly his inexperience. If we can do that, hopefully he'll make some mistakes."

Denver Coach Shanahan added, "He just handles himself in a first-class way. He's very well liked. He just knows a lot about the game and handling himself as a quarterback and how to lead and how to win."

"Never did I think we'd get so lucky to have Drew Brees sitting there when we had the top pick in the second round," San Diego general manager John Butler said at the time.

Now as Brees is at 4-0, others are finally seeing that he is something special. Maybe former Charger Sean Salisbury will realize that the Chargers are not "pretenders" as he called them last Sunday on ESPN, but instead may be contenders.

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