Fans Call for Marty's Return, Norv's Head

The early lead against the Kansas City Chiefs drowned in another flood of Philip Rivers' mistakes. The fourth-year pro committed three turnovers and the offense's first half dominance turned over along with them. The loss ended a nine-game home winning streak and left Marty Schottenheimer feeling homesick.

What Worked

-- The Chargers were fired up out of the gates, with LaDainian Tomlinson gaining 19 yards on the game's first two carries. The opening drive ended with a field goal by Nate Kaeding, giving San Diego an early 3-0 lead.

-- The first offensive push gave Phillip Rivers the confidence that he needed, as he knew he could lean on a running game that had been absent for the past three weeks.

-- The offensive line, which included a healthy Shane Olivea, did a better job protecting Rivers...until the crucial fourth quarter.

-- On separate plays, Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips squeezed Larry Johnson out of a touchdown opportunity. Each ended with a sack, too.

-- L.T. looked more like the MVP fans have grown to know and love. In just 15 minutes, L.T. used 10 rushes to gain 59 yards. Tomlinson beat his to-date yardage with 132 rushing yards.

-- Clinton Hart stepped in to help Marlon McCree, who was outplayed by Dwayne Bowe. Hart also intercepted a pass that Quentin Jammer deflected; the throw was intended for Bowe.

-- Fifteen-year veteran Lorenzo Neal got involved in the passing game, catching two passes for 8 yards. He could have added to those numbers when he found himself uncovered 15 yards downfield, but Rivers neglected to throw his way.

-- Nate Kaeding remained solid, scoring 10 points and connecting on all three field goals.

What Didn't

-- Carlos Polk tried to simulate the snap on a field goal to draw the Chiefs offsides. His late shift didn't fool the referees, who flagged him for a 5-yard penalty.

-- Michael Turner had two carries, resulting in a fumble and a loss of 3 yards. That's not exactly getting your $2.4 million worth.

-- A 22-yard pass landed Tony Gonzalez a spot on the all-time list for most touchdowns by a tight end. He tied Shannon Sharpe with 62. This is the second consecutive week the Chargers have let an opponent into the history books, as Brett Favre tied the all-time record for touchdown passes against the Bolts in week three.

-- The Chargers have the worst-tackling secondary in the NFL. Dwayne Bowe had his way Jammer, Drayton Florence and Antonio Cromartie. Anyone who has Brandon Marshall on their fantasy team would be well advised to start him next week. He looks good for 20 catches, 200 yards and two or three scores.

-- Could of, should of but didn't. Vincent Jackson dropped an easy pass that could have pulled the Chargers within seven with approximately five minutes left in the game.

-- The Chargers could not score on first-and-goal from the 5-yard line with the game on the line. The sad scene was reminiscent of opening day 2005, when the Dallas Cowboys stopped the Chargers four times inside the 10-yard line at the end of the game.

What's Next

--The first divisional match-up would have been a good place to start the season's turnaround, but with that game marked with an L, the Chargers will need to focus on their road trip to Denver. The Broncos also lost on Sunday, leaving all the Chargers' divisional foes tied at 2-2.

--The good news is that the Chargers are only one game out of first place with 12 games left to play. The bad news is that the Chargers are alone in last place. Welcome to the Norv Turner era.

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