Bolts Ready for Desperate Duel

The season is only a month old and desperation is setting in. The Chargers are on a three-game slide and have been plagued by turnovers and poor tackling. The Broncos squeezed wins in weeks one and two with buzzer-beating field goals but have lost back-to-back games since. On Sunday, one team will get a leg up in the parity-filled AFC West.

San Diego historically struggles in its road games against the Denver Broncos. Although the Chargers won at Invesco Field last season for the first time last season, it was their first win in the mile-high city since 1999. Last season's win didn't come easy, as the Chargers had to overcome a 17-point deficit to pull off the victory.

Philip Rivers is confident the Chargers can get rolling in week five, despite the challenging venue.

"We've got the right guys to do it. We've just got to keep working and playing," Rivers said. "You've got to think it's going to get turned around at some point. We're sitting here right now in the division and it's really just a cluster and that's the positive side of this whole thing is that we're by no means out of the mix."

Working is the Chargers favor is LaDainian Tomlinson's slow rise back to dominance. His rushing totals have increased every week this season -- 25, 43, 62 and 132. If that trends continues, the Chargers will likely leave Denver 2-3.

The Broncos will be hard pressed to stop Tomlinson's march back to MVP status. The Denver run defense ranks No. 31 in the league, allowing more than 180 rushing yards per game.

"Run defense, we've got to improve in that area as well," Mike Shanahan said. "If we want to be the football team we want to, be we've got to drastically improve in that area and you better against a team like this. We know what LaDainian (Tomlinson) is capable of doing, he had well over a hundred yards against a very good Kansas City defense in the first half so we'd better be ready."

The Broncos are preparing to take the Chargers' best shot. San Diego is desperate for a win and has taken two straight against Denver.

Jay Cutler expects to see a Chargers team that looks more than the defending AFC West champions than the current division doormat.

"I think everyone is a bit surprised," said Cutler of the Chargers' slow start. "They didn't lose a lot of guys and obviously some coaches left and made a few changes in that area, but you still have the players on the field and I'm sure they will come together here. They've got entirely too much talent and they know how to win, from last year, obviously. They are going to put it together soon enough."

Chargers fans can only hope that Cutler is a better at picking turnarounds than picking apart porous secondaries.

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