Donnie Edwards speaks out

Donnie Edwards is fired up about playing his old team this week, the Kansas City Chiefs. He never wanted to leave the team, not that he is unhappy about his situation now.

"I'm happy, No. 1, to be back home, and I'm on a good team and we're going to have a great chance this year. I'm on a great defense. There's little pitfalls here and there, but that's normal. I'm just happy about the guys I'm around. I'm back home, and I can help with the community here, to give back.''

So the Chiefs let go of a man who had 5 straight seasons of over 100 tackles and was a leader both on and off the field. What exactly were they thinking? Edwards says, "They had so much money, and why waste all of it on a linebacker if you can improve your offense? That was my understanding. Dick Vermeil wanted to put some money on the offensive side of the ball, and get a wide receiver (Johnnie Morton) and left tackle (Willie Roaf) versus just getting Donnie Edwards.''

Still Edwards was shocked that the organization he had started his NFL career with was so nonchalant about letting him go.

"The whole time I thought I was going to be taken care of because you do everything on and off the field, and you think you are going to be rewarded. I wasn't worried at all. I thought for sure I was going to be a Chief."

It turned out that he would not here a word from them and it had him reeling at first.

"They never made me an offer, then they gave me an offer and you could tell where their head was. It was, 'Well, we don't have that much money. This is what we have for your position.'"

"I was shocked at first; surprised, really surprised,'' Edwards said. "I wasn't prepared for it because it came out of the blue. It's like with death. If you have cancer, you prepare yourself for it, compared to if you get in a car accident.''

Now he says he approaches the game just like any other. You have a feeling he would be thrilled to have a big play against the Chiefs this Sunday, just to say "Ha!" but he still maintains he will stay within his game this weekend. A leader on the field and off.

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