Chambers Shakes Up Receiving Corps

The Chargers players beam when asked about the Chris Chambers acquisition. Well, most of them do. Chambers will make life easier for Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson. As for Craig Davis, it is time to step up or step aside.

LaDainian Tomlinson acknowledges that there might be a better way to play than the "make do" strategy of the season so far. That is why he embraces the addition of Chris Chambers, who fills a gaping hole in the receiving corps.

Tomlinson credits A.J. Smith for acquiring Chambers and envisions the seventh-year receiver adding a new dynamic to the offense. Chambers speed and big-play ability make him the prefect complement to Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson.

Less excited about Chambers' arrival is Craig Davis. The rookie just started to get comfortable and now a shift in the rotation might leave him behind.

Davis' role depends on his performance in the ensuing weeks. The Chargers won't ignore their No. 1 draft pick but are more concerned with his long-term development than immediate productivity. Davis can improve by learning from Chambers, but that will take a glass-is-half-full mentality.

Chambers is familiar with the type of offense the Chargers run. The system has undergone little change since Cam Cameron left town and Chambers insists he is up to speed.

During his time with the Miami Dolphins, Chambers played with no fewer than 10 quarterbacks. He knows how to familiarize himself with a new quarterback in a hurry.

"We as players, we just go to play," Rivers said.

Rivers already notices a budding chemistry with the easy-going Chambers. The key is for the two Pro Bowlers to get to the point where the can anticipate each other's moves.

"[Chris] is not just an experienced receiver, he's been a big-time receiver in this league for a while now," Rivers said.

Regardless of the significance of the trade, Rivers is happy that the transaction took place during the bye week. After fielding a litany of questions about the bye week coming at a bad time, Rivers is happy to have the extra time to work with the newest weapon in the offensive arsenal.

Norv's Turn on the Bench

Norv Turner will spend his Sunday scouting San Diego's next two opponents. The Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans and the Minnesota Vikings face the Dallas Cowboys.

"You get a little bit out of watching the game on TV," Turner said. "You can see some things and hear some things from the commentators that help you."

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