Scouting Report: Chris Chambers

To get the inside scoop on Chris Chambers, we check in with Alain Poupart, the associate editor of Dolphin Digest. Poupart analyzes Chambers' game and breaks down which team got the best of Tuesday's trade.

Writes Poupart: "Chris Chambers obviously was a major contributor on the Miami Dolphins, but the reality is he wasn't a difference-maker. He never was in his six-plus seasons with the Dolphins, except for a three-week stretch towards the end of the 2005 season when he put up huge numbers.

"That stretch helped him make the Pro Bowl that season, but even that year he was very inconsistent.

"Heck, on the day he burned Buffalo for 15 catches for 238 yards in a December victory in 2005, he put up most of his stats in the second half after having a poor first half that included dropping a bomb from Gus Frerotte.

"That's the way it was throughout Chambers' time in Miami. One acrobatic catch. A false start. Another great catch. A drop.

"Chambers was a solid wide receiver, and we might even push that to good, but he was never a great receiver. He was nowhere anywhere near the class of NFL's elite at the position, the class of guys like Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson or Steve Smith or Terrell Owens.

"There were a few times when it looked as though Chambers was on the verge of taking that big step, but then he seemingly always would take a step back.

"Sure, Chambers never had the good fortune of playing with a great quarterback and he also had six offensive coordinators in six-plus seasons with the Dolphins. But that doesn't excuse everything.

"See, there was a reason Chambers was a second-round pick in the first place back in 2001. He was a guy with great athletic ability, as evidenced by the fact he spent time on Wisconsin's basketball team, but he never was a great wide receiver.

"I would go as far as to suggest he never really was a pure No. 1 receiver, but was forced to be one with the Dolphins because they never had anybody better on the other side.

"If Chambers lights it up in San Diego and helps the Chargers move far into the playoffs, it's a trade the Dolphins will wind up regretting, but nothing I've seen suggests that's going to happen.

"It's more likely Chambers will have a couple of big days in San Diego and other days when he's making mistakes, whether it be dropping a pass, committing a penalty or failing to fight for a pass."

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