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Our staff insiders bring the game to you. Here you will find a play by play and know exactly what happened on every play as they recount the events that led to a 35-34 Charger victory at the Q yesterday. These are the actual notes as the game transpired as never seen before.

KC 1st

Rodney Harrison on the first drive creating serious pressure coming on blitzes twice. Good pass coverage.

SD 1st

Vanover with a small return on the first punt, holding Davis Sanchez with great field position hurts on the initial drive. Brees pass to Norman on the first play for the Bolts with 8 men in the box, which is big. Beautiful pass and catch to a wide open Norman near the sidelines for 29 yards. Norman proving he can catch and should get more time at TE. 2 passes in a row to start LT with nice moves on the first drive cutting back and eluding tackles. Beautiful end around with Dwight running for a TD. Brees provided a block on the play and Dwight dove to get in. They have been faking the reverse a lot in recent weeks and it pays off with a nice run. Chargers strike in a hurry 11:50 to go in the first. Big plays to get an early lead and score on their first drive. Clemons did not provide that backside coverage by staying in his lane.

2nd KC

Priest getting the ball on a screen Great run defense clogging up the middle and staying in their lanes. Delay to Holmes a 4 yard gain Holmes huge catching the ball out of the backfield for 22 on 3rd and 6. McNeil missed the coverage. Green naked bootleg with a blitzer (Harrison) taking the RB (Richardson) instead of staying with Green. Wrong guess. Green gained 5 running the ball with no one open. Holmes another catch on a screen 85 catch on McNeil who provided good coverage Great run defense on 2nd and 1 Kept to FG by Morten (hamstring) makes it for 22 straight. Gotta watch Holmes out of the backfield where he is dangerous in space.

2nd SD

Jenkins bad return again. Dwight misses on that should have been a catch on a nice throw from Brees Deep throw by Brees to far to the outside to Conway as it goes out of bounds uncaught. Brees fires into traffic inc. on an ill advised pass Blocked punt to the SD 1. Bad special teams again. Larry Atkins with the punt block and Glenn Cadrez with recovery as nobody was there to block him. 2nd punt on the season blocked on Bennett. RT misses the assignment on the play. Returned to the 1.

KC 3rd

1st and goal at the 1. Pass incomplete, good pressure 1st Run TD allowed in 24 quarters, 2nd effort on the play over Jamal Williams who had his upper body wrapped up but with no help he could not keep Holmes out.

SD 3rd

Jenkins to the 30 for 19 yard return Fake reverse for nothing as Eddie Freeman made the tackle on LT. Good containment. Brees runs for 1 yard after no one is open 3rd and 10 throws underneath to Conway. Nice protection and a nice gain to convert. 13th 3rd down conversion for Conway Brees bad throw to Conway and he had him wide open across the middle on 1st down. Fake sweep and thrown to Conway for a 1st down across the middle as the second progression guy on the play as TE was not open LT waits for his blocks and trots, not runs for another first down 11 yards. LT up the middle for a few with a fake reverse from Dwight to confuse Quick drop and throw to Conway in the seam for a catch but he fumbles and KC recovers (Eric Warfield). Shaunard Harts did the stripping at the end of the first quarter deep in KC territory.

2nd Quarter

KC 4th

Edwards gets Holmes for a 5 yd loss. Williams with the push to cut off the lanes Priest runs up the middle for good yardage as Dingle pursues him to make the tackle, but 3rd down. Green with a pass behind Morton to go incomplete, Harrison on coverage.

SD 4th

Vanover back… lets it go for a KC bounce and a 48 yard punt. On own 33. Brees is sacked at the 25. Hicks with the sack past Vaughn Parker 2nd and 17 slow throw to Dwight for an inc. Warfield on the coverage 2nd and long a screen, not enough for a 1st **Sims hurt and in the locker room with a sprained elbow.

KC 5th

Great punt and a fair catch called at the 9 by Hall. He had room to run but called for the fair catch inside his own 10 a mental mistake from the Chiefs returner. 1st-Holmes little running room gaining a yard as Fisk and Dingle converge. 2nd-pressure but a dumpoff to Richardson out of the backfield for a 1st 1st- Harrison blitzes but Green steps up to pick up 4. Edwards got a hit in to stop Green. **Seau no blitzes yet. 2nd- Holmes tackled by Fisk for little gain. No cutback lanes. 3rd and 5- Hot slant McNeil cuts him off and almost intercepted the pass intended for Morton. Holmes was open on the play.

SD 5th

Vanover with a 14 yard return Reverse Dwight for 18 yards. Play is a staple, no backside again this time by Freeman. LT with a nifty move to make someone miss and gain 3 when he should have lost a few, Gary Stills had the play in the backfield Flea flicker to Conway but William Bartee stayed with his man and provided good coverage. Conway with a good adjustment on the ball and almost caught it on an underthrown ball. Penalty for 12 men on the field so does not matter. Another mental error. Caldwell with a catch for 10 yards and 4th and short (1 or 2) coming up, may go for it. 4th and 2 and a naked bootleg but finds an open Norman for a 1st down and 20-yard gain. Good move by Brees not to get sacked and still find the open man. Norman staying with the play was nice to see as well. 1st- LT loses a yard Timeout McCrary catches a 1 yard screen. Nice pass over a defender but he had no room 3rd and long-Brees throws an INT. Eric Warfield with the INT. Bad pass, Dwight was the intended and a late throw when Dwight was open for a few seconds but by the time he threw the ball he was covered. Dwight was a few yards away from the throw. Another bad error deep in KC territory.

KC 6th

Holmes huge gain to the outside, Beckett with the tackle, Harrison with the blitz and misses Holmes 18 yards Holmes 5 yard run. Dingle tackle Seau a little slow on cutting odd his lanes. Richardson a catch to the outside and a 3rd and 2 Holmes has room and gets into the secondary. Jammer with the tackle Holmes a catch out of the backfield for another 1st 102 yards for Holmes to this point, the rest of the team has 31. 85 wide open a catch and runs for a TD. 44 yards. Beckett missed a tackle and a blown coverage on the play. Leber did not drop back into that zone coverage. No one was near the guy. 17-7.

SD 6th at 2 min warning.

Vanover to the 27. LT bounces outside to get a few Brees throws one away. Clock ticking 3rd and 6- Conway with another catch across the middle deep. Then he fumbles, his second of the game. Then he does not pursue the play to make a tackle on the man recovering the ball. Shaunard Harts stripped his second ball of the game and Greg Wesley recovers. The whole play was so unlike Conway, his frustration showing on the sideline. I don't think he will fumble the rest of the season.

KC 7th

Start at the 50 Holmes small gain Holmes underneath with linemen in front of him. Another good run after the catch as the defense dropped back way too far. Harrison blitzes, Green falls down and gets up but Harrison pursues to get the sack. Leonardo Carson pursuing as well. Green comes out limping after the play.

Schottenheimer was fuming at halftime interview, his voice crackling during the interview.


2nd Half

SD 7th

Vanover to the 43 on a 38-yard return. His longest of the year and the Chargers longest 1st- LT runs outside and waits his blockers to gain 5 2nd- LT squeezes through the tackles to get 4 3rd and 2- Brees finds no one open and runs to get just enough for a first down. 1st- Screen to LT for a few 2nd- Pass intended for Norman but Norman falls down after loosing his footing. May be hurt as he did not try and recover on the play as his ankle turned and is taken off on a cart with a calf strain. 3rd and 6- Pass to the sidelines for Dwight and a 1st down, nice timing pattern there 1st- Brees under pressure and throws an ill advised pass (up for grabs) that is intercepted and returned for 45 yards by Belser. Pass caught in the end zone. 2nd interception for Brees both deep in KC territory.

KC 8th

Holmes catches another screen for 11 yards. He has not been covered all day on that play. Green to Hall but goes incomplete on a wide receiver screen. Hall just missed it but the play was covered well/ 2nd- Holmes breaks one tackle and gets a few. Dingle offsides on the play 2nd- Raylee Johnson gets Holmes in the backfield 3rd and 6- Green throws one away with Dingle pressuring and Holmes covered for once coming out of the backfield

** Seau slow walk to the locker room 5 minutes into the 3rd. He will not return after re-injuring his ankle.

SD 8th

Touchback LT for 4 LT out of the backfield in the flat for a nice gain of 22 showing his poise and running ability in open space. Sweep to LT for 10 yards. Again patiently picking his spots LT up the gut for 1 Screen to LT bobbled to slow him down and loss of 1. Marvcus Patten with the tackle Brees into traffic for Conway, incomplete. Should not have tried to force it into him. Needs to find other open receivers.

KC 9th

FC at the 14 Keith Lyle with an INT and brings back inside the 10. Green did not see Lyle and threw a lob pass up that he thought he had Eddie Kennison wide open, which he was for a second. Late pass and should have been more of a bullet. Lob allowed too much time for Lyle.

SD 9th

LT somehow gets through the line to gain 7 bouncing off people and showing his power down at the 2. What a run not slowing his legs and keeping moving forward while bouncing, ducking and powering his way. LT TD 17-14.

KC 10th

Touchback Richey Holmes bounces outside for 7 2nd- Holmes no gain tackle by Fisk 3rd- Stops Holmes behind the line, Ben Leber with the tackle and Jamal Williams with the push on the line San Diego defending the run with a passion all game. Most have been cut short at the line but Priest has gotten a few big gains.

SD 10th

Vanover is an idiot not calling a fair catch and loses the ball. KC ball at the SD 30. 5 turnovers. He got absolutely mauled by Gary Stills. Vanover had no room and was hit as soon as he caught, oh wait he did not really catch the ball. Special teams needs to be fired. I don't think anyone in the stadium has any idea on how he did not fair catch the ball. You know this will lead to KC points and could cost us the game. Thanks Vanover.

KC 11th

Richardson for a short gain 2nd- Green runs after no one is open and falls a yard short of the 1st 3rd and 1- throws in the EZ and a gorgeous catch by Boerigter over Molden to catch for a TD. Molden did a bad job and should have had the ball, as he did not feel his receiver so close to him while he had position. The TEs did a cross on the play with Gonzalez going one way while Boerigter crossed him over the middle. The coverage was designed so the DBs stay on their side of the field. Molden failed to go deep with the coverage and still had a shot on the ball but was too short really as Boerigter made the catch over his head. 24-14 just as advertised.

SD 11th

Short kick Jenkins returns to the 40 LT up the gut for 2 Brees takes off and gets 5 on the play after seeing no one open. Good to see Brees take it down and not force things. Facemask on the Chiefs, 15 yard penalty on Mike Maslowski. Huge play that could put us right back into things. 1st and 10 on the 37- LT changes direction and Brees provides a block to get him positive yards instead of a loss of 5. Great work by Brees staying with the play when he could have just assumed LT would go one way and not cutback. 2nd- LT little to no gain. Harts, who is having a fantastic game, got him.

4th Quarter

3rd- Dwight with an out pattern and a 1st as he caught it right on the sidelines. 1st- LT somehow makes it to the outside and gains a few. Showing the nifty moves again when he should have been slammed in the backfield. 2nd- Brees rolls out and gets one to Conway as Conway somehow gets his feet in bounds and a catch. Great timing route and Brees threw it where only Conway could catch it. 1st- End around TD to Conway for 11 yards 24-21. The play works again. Amazing as they have faked it numerous times today and every time they run it, it is a success.

KC 12th

Illegal kick on Richey, KC at 40. Amazing! The Chargers bring it to within 3 with 13 minutes remaining and Richey kicks it out of bounds affording KC with excellent field position. Holmes underneath for an 18-yard gain. He is open yet again and will need to be covered and smothered for a chance in this game. Reverse to Morton, but holding on the play and pushes KC back. Tony Gonzalez his first catch for a few. Nice work to keep Gonzo off the catch board until this point. Scary thought if he gets involved. Eddie Kennison wide open for 25 yards or so and the first catch by a KC wide receiver. 1st- Holmes no gain 2nd- Hall for a 1st, not good that everyone is getting involved on this drive. 1st Holmes runs to the 4-yard line on the outside gaining 9. Passing game opening up the lanes for Holmes to run. A dangerous time. 2nd- Holmes gang tackled but his extra effort with a spin move gets him back to the line of scrimmage 3rd- Gonzalez TD as he got out wide open. Coverage was missed by Dingle who could not stay with Gonzo. 31-21 and you had to see that coming. Dingle had to take the coverage as they brought the house and no one was back. Dingle was 5 steps late and about 10 seconds slower.

SD 12th

Jenkins return to the 34 Brees runs after no one open for 8 LT first down getting hit hard by Belser LT a catch out of the backfield on a high throw and gains 3 2nd- LT screen for a 1st down with room to run gaining 13. Again shows his patience on the play. 1st- Slow pass by Brees and Warfield deflects a pas intended for Caldwell 2nd- Bullet to Caldwell for a reception and a 1st, by far the best Brees pass of the day. He wasted no time and zipped the ball into Caldwell a play after he threw one that could have easily been picked off. 1st- Dwight fake reverse but gets the short screen pass and goes inside to gain 4 2nd- Brees no one open but room to run and runs out of bounds gaining a 1st down. Nice presence of mind to get out of bounds and stop the clock. Time matters here. 1st- TD with a reception across the middle and runs 12 for a TD 31-28 diving into the end zone on the play. Good hustle.

KC 13th

Hall out to the 37. Horrible coverage on special teams. With all the practice time Schottenheimer believes in here it is a shame they are not better. Giving them good field position here is scary and could end the game. 1st pass incomplete on a WR screen to Hall 2nd- Complete across the middle to Boerigter, Lyle and Harrison on coverage, 1st down. Timeout Bolts (1st) 1st- Holmes run to the outside for a few but a 15 yard facemask on Lyle. The sad part is they had the play covered with Chargers swarming around Holmes. No need for that type of self-destructing play. 1st- tackle in the backfield by Zeke on Holmes Timeout Bolts (2nd) 2nd- Green scrambles for 7 3rd and 3- Johnson, Fisk and more stop Holmes on a huge 3rd down play. Timeout Bolts (3rd and final) 4th- Morten with a 43 yarder- good 34-28. Anderson continues to be Mr. Automatic.

SD 13th

Vanover up to the 28. Long field to go as special teams fizzles again. 1st- 2:24 left Brees to Conway for a catch on a ball thrown behind him where Conway had to come back 1st- Conway again for a good gain to the 36, 2 minute warning 1st- LT screen and out of bounds at the 35 2nd- Conway catch down to the 11 yard line 2nd- Dwight catch down to the 3 3rd and a yard or so- Pass to Caldwell for a 3 yard TD and his first TD of his career SD 35-34.

KC 14th

Squib kick, 10 seconds left ball at the 47. Why they would squib it only that far is beyond logic. Kick it 20 yards deeper and cover the play. Amazing the Bolts are handing Green and Morten a possibility with the ball so close to midfield. They merely need one pass of 15-20 yards. 1 second after an incomplete and good coverage by rookie Quentin Jammer Pass near the end zone and Donnie Edwards picks it. An end that could not have been scripted better.

Game Over!

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