Quotables after the Game

Drew Brees led his team to victory and gained supporters along the way for now and the rest of the season. The receivers had an expanded role in a win and the team rallied behing their leader. <br></br> Quick injury updates and quotes from those injured. One prognosis does not look to good.

The crowd at Qualcomm Stadium was extremely loud in the hectic fourth quarter. At times when the Bolts had the ball it was too loud prompting Drew Brees to say, "I was having trouble communicating because obviously there's so much excitement and everyone's glad that we're driving down. I'm trying to yell the routes to my guys and they're saying 'What? What?' ''

Pro Bowl Linebacker Junior Seau left the game in the 3rd quarter of Sunday's game. Seau re-injured his ankle and his status for next week is uncertain. "I was compensating for the injury and everything started locking up," Seau said. "We came out at halftime to see what would happen, and it just tightened up so bad that to avoid further injury we felt it would be best that I pull out."

Rookie defensive tackle Ryan Sims may be lost for the season after dislocating his left elbow in the first quarter. Sims said he was hurt on a routine play. After making contact with a San Diego lineman, he put his left arm on the ground to steady himself and then felt a jolt of pain when someone fell on him. "I've probably done that a million times in my life," Sims said. "It's just that this time, something bad happened. Hopefully, I can get back this year and help the team." It was the 2nd NFL start for Sims, and he may have to wait for next season before making an impact.

Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil was not as optimistic, "He's out," Vermeil said. "He broke his elbow. He'll be out for the season."

On Brees:

"He didn't play like a rookie," Duane Clemons said after the game. "There were a few times when we really got to him and he stood in there and made plays. He's a talented young guy."

"He has a presence about him," said Schottenheimer. "I talked to him at the start of the second half and I said, ‘Look me in the eye. Are you okay?' A big smile came across his face and he said, ‘Coach, I'm fine. I'm fine.' "I said, ‘We got a lot of time. Let's just go about our business the way we know how.' There were a lot of people who made a lot of plays in that situation. The young man has already learned how to win. He knows how to win. Every place he's ever been, he's won. He's helping us learn how to win."

"He's far more mature than a 23-year-old,'' backup quarterback Doug Flutie said.

"That kid is amazing,'' wide receiver Curtis Conway said. "Brees kept his poise, that kid is amazing. You look at a youngster, with that much time on the clock in the end, he was settled down. We didn't even line up on the ball in the final two minutes. We huddled up, the clock was running and he was still real poised. That kid is amazing."

"Obviously you want to be labeled as the guy who can bring a team back to win a game,'' Brees said. "You don't want to be labeled as the guy who falls apart.''

The Receivers Roles Expanded

"Drew came to me three times in a row to get us all the way down the field. It's just amazing. I'm at a loss for words. I'm just glad Drew stuck with me and gave me a chance to make some plays down the stretch to help us win," Curtis Conway said.

"Cam Cameron, the Chargers offensive coordinator, told me my time was going to come," said Caldwell, a second-round draft pick from Florida. "Right now, I'm the third receiver, so I'm just playing my role. Whenever they throw me the ball, I'm going to do my best to try and make the play. Hopefully, I get a lot more opportunities. I'm very excited."

"You like to be involved in the offense – any time you go out there and make positive contributions, either blocking or running the football," Dwight said. "I think that's something we do really well. With Curtis and I, we stretch the defense a lot with our fake reverses and reverses. It's great to be involved in that." Dwight's main contribution before yesterday was as a blocker.

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