Chargers Week 10 Report Card

The Chargers won ugly and have the marks to prove it. Antonio Cromartie and Darren Sproles earned spots on the honor roll, but Philip Rivers and Norv Turner drove down the team's GPA.

PASSING OFFENSE: D -- Philip Rivers wasn't very good -- to say the least. He looked shaky in the pocket; his passes seldom had any zip on them. He was picked off twice on a night in which he also let the ball slip from his grasp in the end zone for a Colts touchdown. His rating of 30.6 was the second lowest of his career. He did have a drop here and there, but most of the problem seems to fall at Rivers' happy feet -- that and the curious play-calling.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- Instead of staying committed to the run, especially with a big lead, it seemed the Chargers were more interested in doing other things. Can't see the reason why, but LaDainian Tomlinson had 21 carries for 76 yards. But one would think that number would be closer to 30 considering the big lead and the undersized Colts' defensive line. Run blocking was OK -- it has to get better.

PASS DEFENSE: B -- Peyton Manning was picked off six times as the secondary played well and the underneath stuff was covered too. To be fair, Manning was missing two topnotch receivers in Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark. Kudos here to the play of CB Antonio Cromartie as he was all over the field with three picks in his first NFL start. Clinton Hart had a pick and tied for game-high honors with 11 tackles.

RUSH DEFENSE: B-minus -- This unit had the biggest leap from the Vikings game as the running yards were much tougher to come by. Joseph Addai was restricted to a 2.5-yard average on 22 carries with a long of 10. ILB Matt Wilhelm played well as he had a pick and 11 tackles as well. This unit played well, especially considering it was missing DE Luis Castillo and CB Quentin Jammer; both are solid run-stuffers.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- Darren Sproles was sensational in bringing back a punt and a kickoff for scores. After being so close to breaking a long one, he finally got the last block to spring him -- and it didn't take much with his speed. P Mike Scifres continues to perform at a Pro Bowl level. Kickoff coverage unit did get nicked for a 40-yard return.

COACHING: F -- How can a "W" equal an "F"? Tough to do but the Chargers made some horrible mistakes in the win. Norv Turner's play-calling was dismal -- three straight passes inside his 10 when trying to milk the clock in the fourth quarter with a lead. Then there were two challenges that had no chance of being overturned. It also seemed that the defense was in a passive approach in dealing with putting pressure on Manning. There wasn't much. While he did get sacked twice, he heaved it 56 times.

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