Run vs. Pass

Two teams playing at the top of their game with vastly different philosophies on offense. One team is known for Marty Ball while the other has resembled an air assault unit. A deeper look inside those numbers reveals some interesting facts. <br></br> Included here are interviews with Oakland QB Rich Gannon and WR Tim Brown.

Teams among the NFL's current upper echelon all have a more reasonable run-pass balance than do the Raiders.

San Diego, the top team in the AFC West at 5-1, is playing typical Marty Ball with LaDainian Tomlinson rushing for 632 yards. The Chargers have run the ball on 52 percent of their plays.

Miami, also 5-1, is the most run-oriented team in the NFL, running it 53.6 percent of the time (195 runs, 176 passes).

The Patriots are the only team passing more often than the Raiders, throwing it on 65.1 percent of their plays to Oakland's 63.8. Both teams have a similar percentage of run vs. pass on first down.

In the year of the passing offense it is curious that two of the top teams are more run oriented.

What it means for this weeks game is anyone's guess. The Chargers may go to the air more, just as the Raiders may try and establish a solid ground game. This is why we play the game.

Gannon on the Bolts:

"Obviously the 2 guys that continually jump out at you are Rodney Harrison and Junior Seau very athletic guys make a lot of plays kinda the captains if you will of that defense. They always play with a lot of emotion a lot of enthusiasm they rally the ball, play very hard and for whatever reason always seem to play the best against us."

On close games between the teams:

"They are rated the 5th in the NFL as a defense, they play with some injuries too, Junior was banged up and out for a game or two same with Rodney Harrison but these guys continue to play hard and we'll be ready for them though."

Having John Parrella on his side:

"Yeah it is, its hard like I said, if you can take just one of those guys away its gotta help a little bit, see but they keep reloading and they signed Jason Fisk and got a healthy Raylee Johnson back and they are really playing well as a unit."

Tim Brown on the game this weekend:

"We know what to expect, they know what to expect so you know lets just go do it, play 60 minutes of good football and get a couple of personal fouls and see who wins the game," Brown said with a laugh.

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