A Click to the Finish

The playoff buzz made tempers and helmets fly in Tennessee. Despite the big bull's-eye pinned to their jerseys, the Chargers scored a lucky break. San Diego can start clicking its cleats with a California finish.

What worked

--Vince Young helped the Chargers to a pair of interceptions. Both Antonio Cromartie and Matt Wilhelm served as his targets when he threw right to them. Wilhelm had a game high seven tackles and three assists.

--Cromartie earned his ninth interception of the season with a throw intended for double-teamed WR Justin Gage. Cromartie almost closed in on double digits when he nearly intercepted a pass for WR Mike Williams. No pick, but the pass fell incomplete. Young started to lean more to Quentin Jammer's side after he observed Cromartie's tight coverage.

--San Diego wanted to see Young's arm and they did. He made just two rushing attempts for two yards, his lowest of the season.

--LaDainian Tomlinson expressed disapproval in his team's performance last Sunday. The sideline lashing kick started the blocking he needed. Tomlinson scored two touchdowns in less than 13 minutes.

--After just one reception in week 13, Vincent Jackson caught three times for 47 yards against the Titans.

--Philip Rivers showed unbelievable athleticism inside the two minute call. He fought off a sack and was unsteady on just one foot, but made the pass downfield to Tomlinson. The play was reviewed and Tomlinson's second step was out of bounds, but the pass was a good thing to see out of Rivers.

What didn't...

--Albert Haynesworth manhandled Kris Dielman and Nick Hardwick on Sunday. He was a game time decision, but there was no question of what he would bring to the line if he was healthy. The duo's double coverage often did not move him an inch. The pair kept Haynesworth to one sack on Rivers.

--Kyle Vanden Bosch's defense hummed a different tune. He reached Rivers three times, a season high. DB Donnie Nickey earned his first sack of the season to round out Rivers' five.

--On an early play Mike Goff inherited Tomlinson blocking duties. Their communication was off. Tomlinson went one way and Goff chose a different route.

--A 5-yard pass to Craig Davis was the premier first down for San Diego. After 18 minutes of play the rookie got the job done. The drive ended in a punt from Mike Scifres though.

--Billy Volek failed to shine in the spotlight. He has not seen field time since week five. On Volek's two pass attempts he earned zero yards. His quarterback package came complete with an interception and a sack. On the rush front, he lost a yard on his sole carry.

--Every inch was fought for last Sunday. The Chargers converted on third and fourth three times.

--The Chargers were lucky to hit the locker room just down by three at the half. They carried with them 32 rushing yards, three first downs and two turnovers.

--Injuries plagued both rosters. Players who started healthy finished hurt. Lorenzo Neal, Rivers, Shawne Merriman all suffered ailments. Enormous hitting kept team doctors busy in Tennessee.

What's next...

--The Chargers finish their season in the Golden State. First on the agenda is the Detroit Lions. The Green Bay Packers already clenched their division. The Lions are one game behind the Minnesota Vikings. San Diego will have to figure out how to do without Merriman, Neal and possibly Jamal Williams.

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