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Our staff insiders bring the game to you. Here you will find a play by play and know exactly what happened on every play as they recount the events that led to a 27-21 Charger Overtime victory at Network Associates Coliseum yesterday. These are the actual notes from our reporter at the game as the game transpired and whos likeness has never seen before.

Raiders 1st

Return 22 yards. Short pass to Jerry Rice for 4 yards as the short passing game begins. Rich Gannon had all sorts of time and Rice made bunch of moves to only get 4 yards. Charlie Garner left tackle for 7 yards, Donnie Edwards with the stop as Ryan McNeil missed a tackle. 1st- Empty backfield as Gannon passes to Doug Jolley who went in motion for 5 yards, Ben Leber with the stop right away. 2nd- Play-action, pass incomplete to Roland Williams, Rodney Harrison was in on the coverage and absolutely nailed Williams who had the ball for a second. Williams is slow to get up after that menacing smack. 3rd- Gannon pass to Tim Brown for 45 yards. Brown beat Vernon Fox on a quick slant and kept on running until Rogers Beckett pushed him out of bounds at the SD 15. Fox was slow to move inside to cut off the route and never caught up. Jammer also got beat by a juke on the play. 1st- Pass to Jolley to SD 9 for 6 yards. Jolley lost his helmet on the hit. On the play, Garner was wide open uncovered in the end zone but Gannon missed him. Make them pay for that miscue. 2nd- Pass incomplete to Doug Jolley in the back of the end zone as they tried to throw a fade. Rodney Harrison was able to get a hand up and knock the ball away even though he never looked at the ball. Jolley and Harrison jaw at each other as they walk back to their huddles. 3rd- Pass intended for Rice as Jammer cut in front of him and should have had an interception. That should cost the Bolts 3 points here. Good read by Jammer and Harrison gave Rice a helluva a shot in the chin Sebastian Janikowski 27 yard field goal is No Good Hit the right upright!

SD 1st

1st- LaDainian Tomlinson (LT) big run over right tackle for 9 yards. 2nd- LT stutter step then gets 3 for a 1st down. 1st- Drew Brees play action; pump fake, then dumpoff to LT for a short gain of 2. 2nd- Pass over the middle to Conway for a 1st. 1st- Screen for 6 yards to LT. Good blocks downfield by Fonoti. 2nd- Brees good pocket poise gets the ball to LT for a 1st in the right flat 1st- Pressure at the line, false start on Brees for a head bob as he tried to draw Oakland offsides. 1st- LT stuffed in the backfield by Chris Cooper for 5 yard loss 2nd and 20. 2nd- LT pitch to the right and he stumbles as Cooper again on the tackle for a 2 yard loss. 3rd and 22- direct snap to LT but Tony Bryant was there to tackle him.

Oak 2nd

Buchanon fair catch at the 11. Darren Bennet with a 44 yard punt. 1st- Garner for a yard, Leber with the tackle. 2nd and 8- Gannon throws outside to Rice on his outside shoulder where only Rice could catch it, McNeil with the tackle. 1st- Garner up the middle bouncing off his own man as Zeke Moreno gets the tackle. Terry Kirby with a 1 yard gain off left tackle, Moreno with the stop. Jerry Porter a catch over the middle and a few missed tackles by Ryan McNeil and Quentin Jammer. 1st- Kirby in motion, play goes to Garner over the middle and he runs for a bunch hurdling a defender in the process before being tackled 22 yards downfield by Molden. 1st- No backfield- diving catch by Roland Williams for 4. 2nd- Kirby tries to turn the corner but Edwards and Molden are there to make the tackle for no gain.

End of 1st

2nd quarter

Oak 2nd continued.

3rd and 6- Gannon being pressured by Raylee Johnson as he had a hold of his jersey as he was throwing the ball. Penalty on the play. Jammer with a pass interference on Rice all over him as Rice tried to get back to the ball that was lofted up with the pressure by Johnson. Coach Schottenheimer is yelling at Jammer on the sidelines. 1st and goal- offsides by Lincoln Kennedy. 1st and goal on the 11- Ball tipped by Edwards for an incomplete pass. 2nd- shovel pass intended for Jolley but bounces off Jolley to Edwards for his 4th interception deep in SD territory keeping the game scoreless. Two drives by Oakland they should have had points on. Could mean the game.

SD 2nd

1st- Brees throws to McCrary for a one handed catch and gain of 3 yards. 2nd- LT turns the corner on the left side and runs through Raiders turning inside to avoid going out of bounds. Holding on McCrary on the play. 2nd and 13- LT again to the outside but no hole to cutback and is pushed out of bounds for a loss of 1 LT 10 out of 12 touches so far. 3rd- Shotgun, LT a pass out of the backfield for a reception, Caldwell blocked Shaw HARD on the play to get LT a few more yards on the play but he was pushed out short of the 1st by Phillip Buchanon.

Oak 3rd

Buchanon with a nice return to the 50 but a holding call on the play against Oakland 1st- on 20- pass outside to Brown but too far as Jammer was on coverage. 2nd- Fake reverse but Garner runs into his own man and is stifled in the backfield by a host of Chargers including Moreno and Edwards. 3rd and 11- pass to Garner across the middle and is tough to get tackled before falling a yard short of the 1st Edwards tackles.

SD 3rd

Dwight back and catches a short kick on a hop on the sidelines and takes it an extra 5. 1st on SD 38- LT pitch right and cuts back by a Dwight block for a 1st down. 1st- Pitch left to LT but nowhere to go and losses 5. Ex-Charger John Parrella gets the tackle, coming up big as he was brought to Oakland to do on his first tackle of the day. 2nd and 15-double reverse to Tim Dwight and blockers in front. 19 yards, a block by Brees and O-line downfield get Dwight the extra yardage. 1st- LT up the gut through a nice hall created by Jason Ball, Vaughn Parker and Toniu Fonoti for 10 and a 1st down. 1st- LT inside and escapes a leg tackle up the gut for another 1st. Good WR blocking again on the play. 1st on Oak 12- LT again up the gut and eludes one tackle with fancy footwork to gain a few 2nd- Play action and pressure was everywhere. Brees throws it up just out of bounds as Buchanon went up for the interception but was nailed by McCrary and is hurt. It looks like he may have broken his hand or wrist on the fall. 3rd- Brees to Reche Caldwell for a TD!! Caldwell across the back of the end zone as no help was available by the Oakland secondary, Tory James missed on coverage. Bolts 7-0, as Anthony Dorsett followed Dwight on the play leaving the open man.

Oak 4th

Short kick to 9, Kirby out to 28. 1st- 5 WR, pass to Rice over the middle, Molden tackles after a 9 yard gain. 2nd- Garner up the middle for 1 yard, stop by Jason Fisk, the man chosen to replace Parrella. 1st- 5 WRs pass over the middle to Brown, tackle by Leber after a 6 yard gain. 2nd- 5 WR- Gannon pulls it downs to run and is hit by Leber gain of 1. 3rd and 3- Timeout. Alex Molden and Leber make the tackle on Rice short of 1st, with no one in the backfield

SD 4th

Dwight deep, ball rolls past Oakland defenders who should have downed the ball before it went into the end zone. Holding against the Chargers on the play during the kick. 1st down on the 10. 1st- LT stuffed by Bryant and Eric Barton as he goes off right tackle for a loss of 2. 2nd- LT off left end to gain 10. Damion McIntosh with a great block to make it 3rd and 1. 3rd- LT stuffed for a loss of 1 as Parrella makes his mark again. Oak 5th

Brown deep, fair catch at the 30. 52 yard punt. 1st-Gannon passes to Rice, penalty for illegal hands on Jammer, auto 1st with the penalty. 1st- Gannon pass to Brown for 6 and he goes out of bounds. 2nd- Gannon pressured and runs sliding down but before the line of scrimmage as Leonardo Carson makes the touch to get the sack. 3rd- Pass out in the flat to Roland Williams, Jammer crushes him for little gain. Great open field tackle and almost jarred the ball loose.

SD 5th- :53 left

Dwight back- fair catch at the 13. 47 yard punt by Shane Lechler. 1st- LT off left tackle slithering for a few. 2nd and 6- Brees takes a knee happy with a 7-0 lead.

Shot "so far so good, key thing is we have been very good in the red zone..." he went on to say that the Raiders have not been as lucky as they have in red zone scoring.


7-0 Bolts, no sacks allowed 71 rushing yards. Buchanon broke his wrist and is out for the game and a lot longer potentially.

3rd quarter

SD 6th

From 9 Ronney Jenkins goes to the 20. 1st- LT left side to the 23. 2nd- play action and Brees throws a little high but Curtis Conway comes down with the catch and a great throwing lane was provided by the offensive line. 1st- LT tries to evade Bryant but cannot, no gain. 2nd- throws a drag to Conway for 6 yards. 3rd and 4- shotgun- to Dwight across midfield for a 1st. Best in NFL on 3rd down/ 1st- LT pitch right and cuts it back inside for 3 tough yards. 2nd- play fake, Dwight crosses the whole field for a deep out and catches the ball over Rod Woodsen for a huge gain of 31 yards. 1st- LT twisting and fighting over the right side down at the 2 for a 9 yard gain, James tackles. Can get a 1st without a TD. 2nd- LT tripped up behind the line by Barton. 3rd- Timeout SD, Brees pass to LT out of the backfield for a TD!!! 14-0 LT delays on the play and the middle is cleared out by the time he is in position. LT lost in the mix of O-linemen.

Oak 6th

Kirby from the 3 to the 30, Kirby is down on the play. He may have fractured a bone in his leg. Kirby was taken off on a cart. 1st- play action throw to Brown, caught but tackled right away by Molden after a 5 yard gain. 2nd- over the middle to Rice, catch NO. 1,400. Great one handed catch for a 1st. 1st- Garner on the catch as Edwards and Moreno converge for a quick tackle and 4 yard gain. 2nd- Williams out towards the sidelines for a reception and 1st Jammer was on coverage. 1st- Gannon lob to Porter for an over the shoulder catch, Beckett with the tackle downfield. Rice picked the defender on the play, shoulda been a penalty. 1st on 15- Gannon runs up the gut for 7 as Edwards tackles him. 2nd- Blitz and Jammer falls down on a pass intended for Rice as he put his hands to the face of Rice and it went incomplete. 3rd penalty on Jammer and 1st down on the penalty 1st- End zone to Rice for a TD as he was wide open in the back right corner of the EZ. McNeil and Molden were on the coverage, or non-coverage. Career TD No. 199 for Rice. 14-7.

SD 7th

Caldwell with a nice 38 yard return, ball on SD 41. Carson on the sidelines yelling and jawing with Raider players. 1st- Brees sets up a screen but throws an incomplete pass as pressure was all over Brees and LT on the play. 2nd- Brees pass to Conway for 14 yards out near the right sidelines. Great space again for Brees. 1st- play action goes deep for Dwight but overthrown. Terrance Shaw was holding Conway on the other side of the field but it was not called. 2nd- give to LT up the gut but Bill Romanowski with the tackle and a loss of 1. 3rd- timeout, play clock running down. Bryant on the pressure and Dwight was open but they will punt.

Oak 7th

FC by Brown at the 6. 1st- Gannon to Brown for a 5 yard gain, tackle by Edwards 2nd- outside to Williams for a 1st, Jammer on coverage but cannot prevent a 1st 14 straight completions by Gannon. 1st- trips on the right, Rice runs a deep pattern. Off the fingertips of Rice but a flag on the play, pass interference on McNeil who was pulling on his jersey. Ball at the 50 (28 yard penalty). 1st- Pass to Rice but behind him, and incomplete. 2nd- Garner in the flat but brought down quickly by Edwards and Dingle. Holding on Harrison (held Brown) on the play for an auto 1st. 1st- Gannon a bullet to Rice, and a perfect throw in between 2 defenders, Jammer was one of them, and a gain of 30 yards. 1st- Timeout SD. Ball on 15. Run by Garner, Raylee Johnson stuffs him for a loss of 2.

4th quarter

Oak cont.

2nd- Gannon checks off at the line changing the play and does a quick slant to Porter for a TD. Chargers came with a blitz look and Edwards did blitz. 14-14, 93 yard drive.

SD 8th

Jenkins at 11 to 24. 1st- setting up a screen that was not there. Brees throws it away. 2nd- Crowd is back in this thing- Brees cremated at the 18 by Eric Barton for a sack and loss of 7. First sack given up, blame is on Parker. 3rd- Brees throws to the first down marker for Caldwell but too far outside. Caldwell was open.

Oak 8th

Brown back, fair catch at the 43. Illegal man downfield on the play. Replay 4th. Re-kick and crowd is pumped. Fair catch in SD territory at the 48. 1st- dumpoff to Garner for a 1st across the middle. 1st- Garner runs up the middle gaining 4. Fisk tackles. 3rd- Gannon hit from behind by Johnson and pass goes incomplete. 4th FG attempt from 48. Way left. Still tied.

SD 9th

1st- Pitch to LT for nothing. Offsides on the Raiders on the play. 1st and 5- Brees throws incomplete under pressure from a blitz. 2nd- LT runs for a 1st bouncing off defenders. Penalty for offsides declined. 1st- LT over left tackle inches off the ground gaining 5. 2nd- quick slant to Conway and a catch for a 1st. 1st- LT bounces outside then back inside to gain 2. Penalty for unnecessary roughness on Romo for driving LT all over the ground. 15 yard penalty in a tie game in the 4th quarter could be huge. 1st on 20- LT up the gut through a huge hole and gains 15. McCrary gets a good block on Romo. 1st and goal- LT drives his way on the left side for 3, Fonoti driving the pile with his massive self. 2nd- LT stopped AT the goal line. Napoleon Harris with the squared tackle. 3rd- Brees keeper for a TD. 21-14 Bolts. Brees lost the snap on the play but managed to hold on bobbling into the EZ.

Oak 9th

Wade Richey 12th touchback 7:18 left 1st- 5 WR, Gannon is brought down for a sack by Adrian Dingle. 2nd- Ball is batted down at the line by Carson. 3rd and 11- All sorts of time to throw, Gannon pulls down to run and is tackled short of the 1st. No one open anywhere. Great series, perhaps the best played so far.

SD 10th

Dwight back. Fair catch at the 34. 1st- LT runs over left tackle cutting back over center for a gain of 7. 2nd- (LT over 100) LT up the gut for an 11 yard gain, Fonoti pulled to place a block. Rod Woodsen saved a TD on the play. 1st- LT tries to spin but is tackled by Bryant; Justin Peelle could not make the block and loss of 3. 2nd- LT again for a couple tackled by Sam Adams. 3rd- Taking the play clock down every time is Brees. Brees throws to Conway but Shaw is there and in position to make an INT. Goes for an incomplete.

Oak 10th

Brown back. Fair catch at the 18. Good pressure to try for a block. Oak has 2 timeouts with 3:05 left, 82 to go. 1st- Garner with a catch and blockers ahead. Harrison makes the tackle at the 35 after an 18 yard gain. Don't let Garner beat you here. 1st- Gannon to Rice for 6. 2nd- Time to throw and Porter with a catch getting out of bounds right after the marker. 1st- Over the middle to Brown with a blitz coming but no pressure. Harrison missed a tackle and Rice gains 16. 1st- Porter with a catch over the middle, Edwards tackles him. 2nd- Plenty of time over the middle to Rice for a 1st. 1st- rushing 3, knocked down by Leber over the middle who almost had an interception. 2nd- Blitz coming, wide open is Garner for a 1st down by the sidelines on the left. 1st and goal- quick flip to Jon Ritchie for a TD. No back is being covered on the series and blitzing on the play. 6 receivers got the ball that series 21-21.

SD 11th 1:21 left

Jenkins from the 3 to the 24 1:16 left 1st- 0 timeouts for SD. 1st- Brees rolls out and can find no one open. Runs out of bounds for a loss of 3. 2nd- Blitz coming, penalty on the play, Vaughn Parker moved early. 2nd and 17- Give is to LT up the gut for a gain of 9 to make 3rd down manageable. Timeout Raiders with 1:03 left. 3rd and 8- Shotgun, no one anywhere open and Brees throws it away.

Oak 11th and have a timeout left.

Brown back. To the 33. :47 left. 1st- Pass to Roland Williams out of bounds after gain of 5 2nd- Gannon sacked by Raylee Johnson and Adrian Dingle. Everyone was in on the play. 3rd time running… we will go to OT after the sack. Great pressure by everyone on that key play, and it will cause OVERTIME.

Coin toss, Edwards calls heads. SD ball!

SD 12th in OT

Touchback after Jenkins drops the ball in the end zone. Jenkins slaps the ball hard when he should be slapping himself for failing to give the Bolts good field position. 1st on 20- Brees runs the option and jukes, hanging in on to the ball and baiting Romo before pitching out to LT for a 1st down. 1st- Play action and passes to Conway. Shaw all over the back of him and is flagged. 1st down on the penalty. 1st- on 45- Give to LT and is taken down in the backfield by Napoleon Harris who beat Parker. Loss of 4. 2nd- pitch to LT on the left side. He is run out of bounds after gaining 3. 3rd and 10- Fletcher in, LT out. Brees with all sorts of time and throws one to Dwight across the field and makes an amazing catch for a 1st and long gain. Looked like a mix-up in the coverage as Dwight was originally double teamed. Derrick Gibson let him go on the play and the help never arrived. 1st on the 30- LT runs over right tackle and seems to be had on the backfield but gains 2. 2nd- LT over left tackle and is tripped up by Derrick Gibson, loss of 2. 3rd and 10- timeout called- 48 yarder from here- shotgun- Brees throws sidelines to Dwight and he scampers up the sidelines to get just past the marker for a 1st even though he had no business getting that first down yardage. 1st on the Oak 20- LT runs over left tackle and beats everyone through a huge hole that should not be there to score a TD on a 19 yard run over McCrary and Fonoti. Tomlinson 39 carries for 153 yards.

BOLTS WIN 27-21!!!!

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