Where are they now? Nick Roach, Part II

Former Chargers linebacker Nick Roach goes one-on-one with Amberly Richardson to update his progress with the Chicago Bears. Nick talks about training camp, the Chargers' linebacker corps and the Bolts-Bears game in week one.

Amberly Richardson: What did you notice about the Chicago Bears in week one when you were with the Chargers?

Nick Roach: That they fly around like they say they do, always flocking to the ball and creating turnovers. It's kind of intimidating when you see them on film -- the Bears are full speed.

AR: In February, you said in an interview that you could be a more dominant tackler. Are you improving?

NR: Yes, every time I got a chance in preseason I was able to get better. Now, I'm special teams and will have a couple more chances.

AR: Two weeks ago, you played in your first regular season game. How was it?

NR: Great! It was Monday Night Football and everyone was watching. Some of my family was there, too, and they were able to see me.

AR: Was the Metrodome a difficult place to play your first game?

NR: No, because I played their in college when we played Minnesota.

AR: San Diego's linebacker unit is loaded with talent, as is Chicago's. Why do you think you are active with Bears and you weren't with the Chargers?

NR: A lot of it has to do with how the draft goes down. It's really hard to be an undrafted free agent on a team that is full of quality depth. They are always going to choose the players that they already trust. It was a big step for me to even be on their practice squad, but the guys who have been there a couple years deserve to play.

AR: What was Chargers' training camp like for you?

NR: It was kind of stressful because the days were so long. In the second or third week, there were empty lockers and guys you were just hanging out with the night before aren't there anymore. You feel like you can be gone at any moment. Even in practice, you worry if a single play is going to send you home.

AR: It was preseason, but you made your first NFL sack against the San Francisco 49ers. What was that like?

NR: Some of us rookies still talk about what it was like, because preseason games were where we got most of our playing time.

AR: There are just two games left. What is next for you?

NR: I won't be heading too far because I have family close to here.

AR: What about next season? NR: As of now I'm with the Bears. It's where I want to be.

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Amberly Richardson is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and a correspondent for Scout.com. She has contributed to the official Web sites of Shawne Merriman, Lorenzo Neal, Shaun Phillips and others for Sixthman Communications.

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