Flutie Restructures Contract

While the news went quietly, it may affect the future direction the Chargers take. Flutie has stood quietly on the sidelines as Drew Brees has led the Chargers to a 6-1 start. He has also helped Brees with his gameplan and is always on the sidelines to add little nuggets of information he has picked up during his travels.

Last month quarterback Doug Flutie restructured his contract for this year. He reduced his scheduled base salary from $4.3 million to $3 million getting the balance guaranteed, more or less as a signing bonus. The move allowed the Chargers to create a little over $1 million in cap room for this year. Flutie's already-high cap figure for 2003 increased to $5.26 million for next year. Flutie now has a base salary of $4.5 million and cap value of $5.26 million. Unless Flutie restructures his contract to better suit the Chargers needs, this may be his last season in San Diego. Add the fact that next years draft boasts a wealth of talent, and odds are a cheaper can be had on the free agent market; Flutie has little choice but to comply if he wishes to continue his career at 40 years old.

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