Harrison Appeal is Today!

Rodney Harrison flew to New York on Sunday to appeal his one game suspension from NFL disciplinarian Gene Washington. With evidence in hand he hopes to overturn the suspension, which would make him eligible to play in this Sunday's home game against New York.

Pro Bowl strong safety Rodney Harrison will meet with an NFL executive in New York today to appeal his one-game suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Oakland's Jerry Rice.

Harrison is accompanied by Ed McGuire, the Chargers' vice president of football operations, and video clips that prove he didn't hit Rice helmet-first, as NFL disciplinarian Gene Washington contended. Washington suspended Harrison without pay for next Sunday's game against the New York Jets.

"From some of the evidence we have, if they look at it objectively, then I think we have a real good chance of getting this overturned," Harrison said.

Harrison also added, "Now, if they go into it with a sense of, 'Well, we are going to make our point,' then I clearly have no chance. But from the type of evidence we have, if I felt like I didn't have a case, I wouldn't fly 6,000 miles in two days to come out here and turn around and go home."

Harrison said video of the play shows he used his right forearm and shoulder to hit Rice's left shoulder. The impact knocked Rice's head back, Harrison said.

Washington disagreed. In a letter to Harrison last week, Washington wrote: "On the play in question, which I have carefully reviewed, you made no effort to tackle the player or break up the pass (as did one of your teammates on the same play), and instead engaged in what appears to be a simply gratuitous effort to punish your opponent after the pass to him has been deflected by your teammate."

No penalty was called on the play.

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