Live from Indy: SD Meets with Wide Receiver

Amberly Richardson reports from Indianapolis that the Bolts took advantage of day two at the Combine, beckoning a budding wide receiver for some face time. The Bolts look to beef up their depth with cut-catch-and-run players. The Chargers see this player's highly desired size and work ethic as a prize worth snatching.

The Bolts coaching staff seized the day on Thursday, pulling Todd Blythe of Iowa State aside for a private meeting. At 6'5", 214 lbs, Blythe is keyed up to pierce the next phase of his career. He looks to former teammate LB Tim Dobbins as a benchmark of what he'll face in the league.

"Dobbins is a beast," Blythe said. "He's a big boy. He can run and he can hit. I just remember playing with him and thinking I was glad that he was on my team because he's an intimidating figure out there."

Named to the All-Big 12 Honorable Mention in 2007, Dobbins has natural field and athletic instincts. During his scorching four collegiate years, his jersey sported the No. 1 and it couldn't have been more fitting. Blythe stamped his mark with the Cyclones, becoming their all-time leader in receiving yards (3,096), receptions (176) and touchdown receptions (31).

Blythe's grand dimensions and unique physical style of play set him apart from other wide receivers. His large hands give him excellent big-play ability to win jump balls, and he shows promising capacity to play as a catcher as well as a blocker.

Blythe finds inspiration in TE Antonio Gates' style of play and looks to parallel his full-impact presence. Gates' size and competitive drive grant him that enviable blocking ability, similarl to that of Blythe. Glancing ahead, Blythe sees himself working in reps with Gates taking snaps.

While he has his own bag of tricks, Blythe advances to the next level prepared to sharpen and supplement his existing skills. Because of his speed, or lack thereof, he appears to be the poor man's Randy Moss. Blythe is fully aware of his deficiency and aims to take the next few months to focus on this dearth.

Starting wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers prove a detonating combo but the anticipated departure of WR Malcom Floyd (free agent) leave the Bolts searching for depth. WR Eric Parker failed to free himself from the IR (toe) for the season's entirety and the Bolts know their bench can never be too warm.

Blythe has an attractive package and the Bolts see his aptitude and production on the forefront. Blythe's unyielding talent is undeniable and the need for his vigor might be just enough to have him sporting a Bolts' helmet.

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