Live From Indy: Bolts Seek Defensive Depth

Amberly Richardson reports live from Indianapolis that the Chargers coaching staff spent face time with a flexible defender who can blitz and play zone coverage with equal effectiveness. Find out who he is and how he might fit in, all in this exclusive.

Wesley Woodyard (Kentucky) spent valuable time with the Chargers coaching staff in Indianapolis. As an outside linebacker, Woodyard (Kentucky) could run into problems with the loaded unit in San Diego, but he is solid against the run and can switch to play inside if needed.

Flying under the radar seems to be working for Woodyard so far. He made a name for himself at the Senior Bowl when he earned a team-high six tackles. Originally projected for the fifth or six round, his play in Mobile, Ala. lifted his stock to the second or third.

Scouts and coaches raved about his commitment to self discipline. For Woodyard, preparation is nonnegotiable.

"I am a guy that loves to practice," Woodyard said. "That's my ‘A' game."

Woodyard comes from the SEC, a conference devoted to speed. After switching to linebacker mid-freshman year, Woodyard still needs to put on some bulk to make the transition work in the league. He thinks he can do so without losing his quickness. Since the Senior Bowl, he put on eight pounds, tipping the scales at 227.

Woodyard wants to be the kind of linebacker always around the ball, bringing his teammates to the next level. In order to do so, he is working on his 40 time and position drills between now and his pro date.

Woodyard knows a little about rising to the top. He earned his starts after performing well on special teams and aspires to do the same in the NFL.

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