End of an era? Bolts Meet with Long Snapper

The Chargers took the lead at the Senior Bowl to meet with one of the long snappers invited to Mobile, Ala. Impressed with this prospect's clocked times and firmness with the ball, they were lured to take a closer look. After evaluating the needs on their roster, the Chargers could use this star snapper's accurate snaps to bridge an anticipated gap.

The Bolts pulled aside Garrison Sanborn of Florida State for some one-on-one time at the Senior Bowl. San Diego scouts also attended his recent Pro Day to get a closer at his pinpoint precision. Considered one of the best long snappers in the country, the Bolts knew they were giving attention to the right player.

The 6-foot, 237-pound athlete was just a walk-on his freshman year but his perseverance paid off. Garrison showed his accurate and consistent delivery of the ball and was nearly flawless on snaps on field goals, extra points and punts during his last two years with the Seminoles.

While long snappers have only been invited to the Senior Bowl for the last two seasons, Garrison was one of two to earn a spot in this year's game. Garrison was also awarded an invite to the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game. He clearly recognizes the value of such occasions.

"It's a great opportunity to get out here and show the scouts what I can do. They can take my snap times so they can make an accurate assumption of what I'm capable of doing on the field," he said.

With snaps that were timed between 0.72-0.75 seconds, Garrison is pleased that snappers were added to the invite list at the Senior Bowl.

"We can help the kicker and punters perform and help the specialist unit as a whole. I think the addition is a great advantage and helps better evaluate the prospects overall."

Noted as a versatile player who can handle short and long snaps, Garrison successfully finds his way downfield to cover kicks, as well. He was amped to showcase his all-around skill-set to pro coaches and scouts.

"I want to show the scouts the whole package," he said. "I want to show that I'm the fastest snapper and deliver the ball perfectly. I know people can be weary of a rookie snapper, so my goal is to make them feel comfortable with me and show that there is nothing rookie about my game."

Current snapper David Binn is a franchise staple, as the 15-year veteran holds the team record with 223 games played. While he has the experience, the Bolts will soon need a replacement as retirement is inevitably near.

Garrison is confident he can give the Bolts exactly what they need.

"I'm going to give a perfect, fast snap. I'm going to get my job done with blocking and covering, as well. I'm going to be a complete snapper and work on every aspect of my game so it's perfect."

The Chargers look for a reserve who can replenish in due time; and Garrison shows the reliable and accurate mix to join the special teams unit.

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