Chargers Report Card Week 9

The Chargers looked slow, old and tired in a 44-13 loss to the Jets. Hopefully they can learn from their numerous mistakes.

QUARTERBACKS- Drew Brees could not lead his team back and he was relied upon heavily throughout the game. While Brees completed 22 of 35 passes for 192 yards and 1 interception, he could only deliver two interceptions when it counted. Grade: D

RUNNING BACKS- LaDainian Tomlinson could not do much with the team down early. He did have a 5 yard per carry average on 12 rushes. Terrell Fletcher saw most of his action in the second half and had 5 receptions for 26 yards. Grade: B

RECEIVERS- Stephen Alexander stepped up with 7 receptions for 84 yards. Alexander doubled his season stats in one week. Where has he been? Curtis Conway had a typical game adding 6 catches for 58 yards and a TD. Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell were absent yet again as no true No. 2 receiver has distinguished themselves from the pack making life harder on Conway. Grade: D+

OFFENSIVE LINE- The Jets created pressure, sacking Brees twice and a number of other times Jets players had Brees legs wrapped but he got the ball away. The line did a nice job in the run game, but with mostly passes being called they were overmatched. Grade: C-

DEFENSIVE LINE- Chad Pennington had all day to throw and survey the field making life tough on their own secondary. The line did well stopping Curtis Martin, but had no solution for LaMont Jordan. Grade: D+

LINEBACKERS- Sure Donnie Edwards had a team-high 13 tackles but his gaffe on a 1 yard touchdown from Pennington to Anthony Becht is inexcusable. On the play he left fellow linebacker Junior Seau alone to cover two receivers. Grade: D

SECONDARY- Pennington went 28-37, so the secondary, without Rodney Harrison, was not stopping anyone. The secondary got credited with ONE pass defensed. Grade: F

SPECIAL TEAMS- Words cannot possibly describe how bad this unit is. Santana Moss returned a punt for a TD, and another return by Moss was thwarted by the last man back, Darren Bennett. They had an extra point blocked for the first time since '99. Wade Richey booted a kickoff out of bounds at a crucial point of the game. Reche Caldwell fumbles a kickoff return. Tamarick Vanover continues to look pathetic. The unit took numerous penalties. Grade: Zero

COACHING- The team came out with no heart after the bye week. The staff was slow to make adjustments and there is no coaching on special teams. The offense was stagnant when it could not call Tomlinson. Grade: F

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