Corner Answers Chargers' Help-Wanted Ad

The agent of a late-round corner prospect confirmed with that the Chargers are breathing down his client's neck. The player has the speed and aggression to replace Drayton Florence, hold off Paul Oliver and steal many of Antonio Cromartie's leftovers. More importantly, he won't force the Chargers to go with a defensive back in the first round.

The San Diego Chargers met with cornerback Zack Bowman (6'0", 197) out of Nebraska at the NFL Combine. Since then, his agent, Van McElroy, has been busy fielding calls from San Diego and about a dozen other teams, as well. Bowman's camp thinks the recognition is well-deserved.

"Zack has overcome a great deal in his career thus far," McElroy said. "The knee injury (March 2007) and then the surgery were very difficult to rebound from but he did an admirable job. Had he come out after his junior season, he would have been one of the top corners taken. He had a great Pro Day and Combine, timed well in the 40-yard dash (4.39) and his position drills were good, as well."

Bowman's success is a direct result of his training and enthusiasm to take his game to the next level.

"I have been working really hard on getting my game right where it needs to be entering the draft," Bowman said. "I have been getting my conditioning and strength back in line. I have also been giving a lot of attention to my position drills and making sure they are where they need to be."

For now, self-marketing and workouts are Bowman's way to get noticed. Once he hits a team's camp, he'll have to leave everything he has out on the field, twice a day.

"I am ready to go out there and make an impression," Bowman said. "I will work my butt off and show the team that picks me that I have the dedication it takes. I know that you play how you practice and I practice hard."

Football is Bowman's life, but however difficult the trenches can be, he can always find solace in his favorite hobby.

"Wherever I end up, I want to be able to fish," Bowman said.

San Diego would offer plenty of watering holes for Bowman, as he tries to sink his choppers in a prominent role on the Chargers' defense.

Amberly Richardson is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and a correspondent for She has contributed to the official Web sites of Shawne Merriman, Lorenzo Neal, Shaun Phillips and many others for Sixthman Communications.

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