Delay Attention to Tight Ends?

Although A.J. Smith stated the Bolts wouldn't give much focus to tight ends in the upcoming draft, the coaching staff still spoke with two prospects at the Combine. Although they are unlikely to be tabbed by the Bolts on draft day, these intriguing prospects could find themselves in Blue & Gold before it's all said and done.

The first prospect, Joey Haynos of Maryland, was ushered aside to chat with the Chargers in Indy. His natural athleticism and versatility give the Bolts confidence in his ability to thrive on the next level.

After declining a basketball scholarship with the Terrapins, Haynos walked on the football team as a freshman, only proving he knew where his passion resided. Chargers tight ends coach Clancy Barone was straightforward with Haynos as to how he would fit into San Diego's draft scheme.

"I talked to the San Diego tight ends coach and he basically told me they wouldn't be drafting a tight end. He just wanted to get to know me if something happened down the line."

At 6'8" and 259 pounds, Haynos is an eminent route-runner who can quickly accelerate and consistently separate himself from defenders. Although he is a solid position blocker, he needs work on his leverage to block in-line.

Nevertheless, Haynos has a natural field sense and great body control. His long arms and large hands can extend to grab any ball coming his way. Haynos has impressive quickness and leg power to break through tackles.

The second prospect the Bolts pulled aside in Indy was Jermichael Finley of Texas. Finley's 6'5", 236-pound body has quickness and speed that set him apart from the crowd.

Finley has a rapid response off of the snap and continues with the same swiftness into the route. He cuts through the seam to pressure the defense and makes the toughest receptions look easy.

Although a great athlete with super catching skills, Finley is a one-dimensional player. His blocking skills need development and he needs to get a tough, aggressive streak running through his blood.

While the Bolts have TE Antonio Gates, who excels at receiving and blocking, Haynos and Finley excel in mostly one area: catching. The Bolts see the athletic field sense and knowledge in both of them and know they possess skill-sets that can be broadened.

Haynos and Finley will be put on the backburner for San Diego's initial draft picks, but the Bolts could very well meet up with them down the road. As developmental players, A.J. Smith can't deny their work ethic and ability that could bolster depth on San Diego's roster.

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