A number of individuals have spoken out this week about their opponent and what to expect for the upcoming weekend. Here are excerpts from Rams coach Mike Martz, Rams QB Marc Bulger, Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer and Chargers safety Keith Lyle.

Rams Coach Mike Martz

On Marshall Faulk and his role:

"That will ebb and flow a little bit based on who you see and how they cover you and how they play you. We'll just have to see how the Chargers are and that will dictate how many carries he gets and obviously, the success he has. The offensive line has done a remarkable job in the last few weeks and that also is a big factor."

On San Diego:

"It is nice to come back. The game in Arizona was such a meaningful game for not just this team, but the community. It is nice to be on a good run here and to come back home now and play the Chargers, who are an outstanding team. We are excited about playing this game and we are looking forward to it."

On being from San Diego:

"I think that is always part of the deal. I grew up a Bolt; so to speak and that is what I identify with football is a Charger. I think anytime you have a chance to play them for me it is always a special situation."

On the Chargers defense:

"I think they are third in the league against the run, they are very substantial. Their defensive front has always been outstanding. Their scheme is a little bit different. I know that they bring a little more pressure than you would expect. They are about 30 or 40 percent pressure on mix downs, which is quite a bit in this league. You have to deal with all of those things and they do that to try and stop the run. They have a lot of run zone dogs where it messes with your blocking schemes and they get guys free at the point of the attack."

On the improved play of his offensive line:

"The way our offensive line is playing right now, that is as good of a performance as our offensive line has had since I have been here in the running game. They just flat out got after it and John St. Clair had a great performance. And, it was the best performance by Orlando Pace since I have been here. It was terrific."

Rams Quarterback Marc Bulger

On the San Diego defense:

"Everyone likes to hit in the NFL. They blitz a lot; they bring the safeties down a lot. They're not afraid to blitz, they're real active with those guys. They put the corners one-on-one a lot; they've got some pretty good guys. They've been playing well."

On Marshall Faulk:

"Obviously, I don't think we'd be 3-0 with myself without him. We've relied so much on him in the last three games. He's carried the load and hopefully he'll be successful when Kurt [Warner] comes back too. But I don't think we'd be 3-0 without him."

Chargers Coach Marty Schottenheimer

On playing the surging Rams:

"Well you know, I've always said, interestingly enough, it's never really that important who you play or where you play them, but the thing that is critical is when you play them, and that addresses what you're saying. They certainly have developed a sense of confidence through their performance over the past few weeks. They have great skill people on offense. I think their ability with Bulger; he's done a great job. He's managed the offense well. He's made plays when he's had to. If the situation dictates getting rid of the ball and throwing it away, he does that. I've been very, very impressed with him. Their defense has the great speed; Lovie [Smith] has done a great job there. I would have rather seen them in the first two or three weeks in the year, but like I said, we have to play them all."

Chargers Safety Keith Lyle

On playing against friend Isaac Bruce:

"I'm just going to play football. Isaac's my boy; we came into the league together. I've got nothing but respect for Isaac. I think he's a hell of a football player, is now and always will be. We're just going to have fun. We always joked around about playing against each other, growing up in the league. This is a chance we get to play against each other but it's not about me vs. Isaac Bruce, it's about the Chargers vs. the Rams and who executes and who makes more plays."

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