Chargers Conduct Private Visit With Fullback

The release of Lorenzo Neal leaves the Bolts in need of another fullback. The Chargers took the first step towards filling that void by conducting a private visit with a top fullback prospect. After seeing this player's power and versatility up close, the Bolts are more inclined than ever to make a play for him.

The Bolts invited former walk-on Owen Schmitt of West Virginia to Chargers Park for a private visit. The 6'2", 251-pound fullback is one of the draft's most versatile players, having spent time at tight end and even punter for the Mountaineers. The unique package gives the Bolts confidence they are spending face time with the right player.

As a senior, Schmitt rushed 47 times for 272 yards and chipped in four touchdowns. He also recorded 12 receptions for 121 yards and added 106 knockdown blocks, 17 resulting in touchdowns. The fullback displayed his versatility and punted three times for 61 yards, pinning two of his attempts inside the 20-yard line.

Schmitt is a powerful runner with good body-lean. In 353 career rushing attempts, he was tackled for a loss a mere four times. To say the aggressive athlete is a physical player is an understatement. He broke 10 facemasks during his career with the Mountaineers, holding the school record for breaking the most equipment.

Schmitt is nothing less than classic tough and runs on full power and aggression until sound of the whistle. He is a throwback fullback and makes his biggest plays as a blocker. He rarely misses his target and consistently opens up gaping holes.

Schmitt's solid frame allows him to absorb the hard hits and chuck defenders to the ground. Schmitt runs low with power, utilizing his incredible lower-body strength.

The Bolts know the more a fullback can do, the more likely he will be active on Sundays, so Schmitt proves a desirable force. His ability to play at tight end and special teams ups his value in the eyes of Chargers officials.

While Lorenzo Neal has been released, Andrew Pinnock stands in line as the next viable option, but Schmitt would give Pinnock a hard push for the starting job.

While not the most glamorous position, the lead blocker is a vital role that San Diego looks to fill with a fierce impact. Schmitt's rare style of play is something the Bolts both need and want, which could land the athlete a home at Qualcomm Stadium.

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