Chargers Prospect Q&A: Long Snapper

The Bolts look to the draft to address their immediate needs, as well as future needs. While long snapper David Binn holds the post for the Bolts, the 36-year-old has the Bolts on the lookout for depth and injury protection. This next athlete displays pure accuracy and impending talent that could make the Bolts grab him if he goes undrafted.

Tim Bugg of Indiana has come a long way on the football field. Starting out as a walk-on to the Hoosier roster, he now faces the NFL draft just days away. Bugg put his best foot forward and gave a terrific performance at the postseason events, proving why he is the most sought after long snapper in this year's draft.

"I didn't think I had anything left to prove at my Pro Day. I snapped great at the Combine and the Senior Bowl. The coaches and scouts were impressed and said they had seen everything they needed," Bugg said.

The 6'0", 255-pound Hoosier recorded an attractive senior year that has left NFL teams buzzing. Named All-American and selected first-team All Big-Ten Conference by The NFL Draft Report, Bugg's recognition is well deserved.

With consistent and accurate snaps, Bugg helped the Hoosiers convert 21 of 23 field goals and all 49 extra points. Additionally, the team punted 59 times without a block. Over Bugg's 30 career games and 326 attempts, he never recorded an errant snap.

"My biggest thing is maintaining my accuracy and consistency," he said. "I've been snapping as many balls as possible and doing whatever I can do to keep tuned in," he said.

Bugg zips the ball back with excellent exactness and timing. He consistently lands the ball to the punters and holders, equipping the ball to be fielded at the laces. With vast arm length and large hands, he snaps the ball cleanly and smoothly.

An intelligent player, Bugg is capable of making the right adjustments with his body before snapping the ball. While he reliably hits his mark, it is done with such fluidity that the punter never has to adjust his stance to field the ball.

Bugg's strong legs give him excellent balance and steady control. Pulling through with quality snaps under pressure situations, the Hoosier never had a field goal or placement blocked due to his snapping.

After the snap, Bugg swiftly hustles downfield to support the coverage unit and takes smart angles in the open field. Light-footed in the trenches, he uses his hefty hands to greet rushers with a hand punch. A promising developmental player, Bugg is prepared to display his precision at the next level.

"My situation is different than most players. If a team drafts or signs me, they're depending on me to make an immediate impact on special teams," he said.

Contrary to Bugg's words, if finds his home with the Chargers, he will most likely not be expected to contribute immediately. David Binn enters his 16th year in the NFL and is entrenched as the starter next season. However, Binn is entering the final season of his contract.

While this might discourage Bugg, the Bolts recognize the need for injury protection and depth.

A knowledgeable athlete, Bugg recognizes the games teams play in the draft and knows that a team's excessive attention could just be red smoke thrown in the air to cause a diversion.

"Sometimes the team that shows the most interest doesn't pick you and the team that shows no interest does. I'm looking forward to draft day and am excited to see where I end up."

With the future years of the Chargers in mind, A.J. Smith will certainly consider grabbing Bugg if he goes undrafted.

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