Bolts Draft Exclusive: Q&A With Chris Steuber draft expert Chris Steuber stopped by the chat room on Thursday evening to talk about about the draft. Steuber delivered the scoop to Chargers fans, identifying players of interest, trade possibilities and more. So what exactly did Steuber have to say about the weekend ahead? Here's the exclusive transcript.

Which cluster of players is San Diego looking at in the first round?

I think the Chargers can draft the best player available. Players like Gosder Cherilus, Brandon Flowers, Kenny Phillips and Jamaal Charles will receive consideration with this pick. Trading down is also a possibility.

It seems Brandon Flowers was projected a lot lower a few months ago. What made his stock rise?

I think Flowers' rise is because of his physical play. He's not a fast corner, but he has great ball skills. I think he'd fit in well with the Chargers and would probably be their nickel corner. Cherilus is also a fit. He was durable at Boston College and was consistent.

What are the chances we trade for both the Atlanta Falcons' second-round picks?

I think it depends on if the Falcons draft Matt Ryan. If the Falcons pass on Ryan, I think Atlanta would be interested in trading into the first round to select Chad Henne or Brian Brohm.

Who are the top sleepers at offensive tackle?

I like David Hale from Weber State as an OT sleeper. Brandon Keith is also a sleeper from Northern Iowa.

DE Jared Allen
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How do you feel about the Vikings trading away three picks in the top-100 for a player who isn't a QB. Do you feel like it was too much to give away?

I think the Vikings overpaid for Jared Allen, but that's a position they needed. I think the Vikings are now a contender.

Do you think Texas safety Marcus Griffin could end up with the Bolts?

Griffin is a possibility, but I think Jamar Adams' physical nature is a better fit.

Will the Raiders draft Darren McFadden or pass on him for Chris Long?

I think the Raiders will select Chris Long. If the Raiders draft Mcfadden, they have one of the biggest log jams at RB. If Chris long is available to the Raiders, I don't know how you pass him up. The raiders need help on the D-Line; Long is polished!

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
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Who are some of the top small-school players in this year's draft?

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Leodis McKelvin and Antwaun Molden. There are some really good small-school guys.

What about Jack Ikegwuonu, the CB from Wisconsin. I know he tore his knee up pretty badly.

Ikegwuonu is a nice player and, when healthy, a great player. I think he's worth the risk and a team will take him in the mid-rounds.

Where do you see Caleb Campbell, the safety from Army, ending up?

Caleb Campbell will be a late-rounder. He was a good college player and has good upside. He's a very good leader and will be a quality special-teams player.

OT Carl Nicks
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How bout Carl Nicks? Do the Chargers have any interest in him?

Nicks is raw but massive. He has a lot of great tools but he lacks technique. He relies too much on his strength. He's probably a third-round pick. He has a lot of potential, but he's extremely raw.

Which teams, other than the Falcons, could the Chargers potentially trade down with?

I think the Baltimore Ravens would be interested in moving up. Possibly the new York Jets, too.

With San Diego short on picks, it may trade away picks in 2009 for extra selections this year. How does that work, value-wise? How much does a 2009 third-round pick get you in 2008?

That's a great question. I think it holds similar value, if not the same value. It's hard to project, because teams are not sure of the class that will come out next year, but I'm sure it has the same value. The New England Patriots made out well!

Are the Chargers at all interested in Matt Forte or Jamal Charles? If so, what round?

If I were the Chargers, I'd target Jamaal Charles. I think he has a chance to be very special. He just has to get stronger. Charles goes in round two; Forte in round three.

How bout Dan Connor? Dan seems like the best Penn State linebacker to come out yet.

I think Connor will draw some interest from the Chargers, but I think he slips to the early portion of the second round. I think Anthony Waters has a lot of talent and, if he was healthy entering last year's draft, he would have been an early-round pick.

How good do you think Felix Jones can be? Does he have the potential to be the better Hog at the pro level?

I think Felix Jones is good, but not great. I think McFadden will be the better pro. I question if Jones is an every-down runner.

What are your thoughts on Zackary Bowman, the corner from Nebraska?

He would be a great prospect if he stayed healthy. Health is a major concern with Bowman. If he's healthy, he's a tremendous talent.

A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America, Chris Steuber has provided his analysis of the NFL and NFL Draft prospects on the web and on the radio since 1999.

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