Insider Scouting Report: L.J. Shelton

Alain Poupart of Dolphins Digest -- a publication covering the Miami Dolphins for more than 30 years -- provides with an exclusive analysis of the Bolts' newest addition. L.J. Shelton started every game for the Dolphins over the last two years and Poupart got an up-close look at his play. Here's what he had to say about Shelton.

"A former first-round pick who has never lived up to that billing, L.J. Shelton is a serviceable lineman who has the versatility to play both guard and tackle," Poupart said. "He did that for the Miami Dolphins, playing left tackle, right guard and right tackle.

"Shelton started at left tackle at the beginning of 2006, but was very unimpressive there and moved to right guard, where he played much better (or simply could be hidden inside). He started all year at right tackle in 2007 and turned in an OK performance.

"The biggest issue with Shelton seems to be that he lacks the aggressiveness to be a dominant offensive lineman. His conditioning also was an issue early in camp last season and the Dolphins actually had him running second-team behind youngster Anthony Alabi right up until the end of the preseason.

"Shelton's technique actually isn't bad, and you can get away with him at right tackle if the rest of the line is solid. Shelton, the son of former NBA player Lonnie Shelton, also is a great guy to deal with from a media standpoint."

Alain Poupart is the Associate Editor for the Dolphins Digest, and can be found at

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