Give the Field Goal Kickers Some Work

In two of the Chargers final three possessions, Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer decided to punt from inside the St. Louis 34-yard line. Despite carrying two field goal kickers, he chose to have Darren Bennett pin the high powered Rams offense deep.

The defense ended up giving a touchdown on each drive off those Bennett punts.

How dare Schottenheimer label Wade Richey as "a weapon" when he has continually not used him. In the first few weeks of the season Schottenheimer used kicker Steve Christie on two kicks outside of 50 yards. It is still a mystery as to why he did not use Richey back then if he is such a weapon.

The field goals would have been from 49 and 50 yards. Christie had earlier kicked one from 41, and has a career long of 59. Richey has a career long of 52.

So what happened did he go conservative? Did he not have faith in his kickers?

"Absolutely not," Schottenheimer said about going conservative. "At no point in time. In fact, we talked about how we wanted to continue to penetrate. Go back and look and see we had an opportunity and we let it get away from us on one pass. The penalties is what got us; there was no decision made to change the approach at all."

Did we mention that they would be kicking in a dome with no wind conditions to battle?

"Nope, not at that location," he said. "We didn't feel like we were in that position. We were looking at the 30-yard-line as the line of scrimmage."

"At that point and time," Schottenheimer said, "My feeling was we were playing a good defense. And if we were going to try it at that juncture, with Steve, I thought we were better served punting the ball down inside and playing the defense."

He must not have been watching the defense the rest of us were. The unit came up with four huge plays but was unable to stop the Rams at all. Someone had to figure the Rams would eventually keep their mitts on the ball and not let another fumble get away. Instead the Chargers and coaching staff allowed this on to get away.

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