Insider Exclusive: CB DeJuan Tribble Q&A's Michael Kranzler continues his exclusive interview with DeJuan Tribble by asking the questions that matter. How is Tribble's injured knee holding up? How did he balance football and academics at Boston College? And who got the better of the practice-field rivalry, Tribble or top-three pick Matt Ryan?

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Michael Kranzler: You sprained your MCL and missed three games near the end of your senior season. How has your recovery from your knee injury been going?

DeJuan Tribble: It's going pretty good. It's back to 100 percent now and I'm ready to rock and roll and I'm looking forward to having the opportunity of making the team for the Chargers and making the most of my opportunity. The knee is back to being healthy, and it doesn't bother me at all.

MK: Boston College is a very strong school academically. What did you have to do in order to stay on top of your schoolwork while still excelling on the football field?

DT: The academic advisors up there at BC did a great job of giving me help with different tutors, and they schedule a lot of study hall hours and make sure a lot of the football players are coming in and doing their job and staying on top of their schoolwork. If you're not going to work hard and stay on top of your schoolwork, you're not going to play football, so I knew it was something that had to get done [Tribble has already graduated from Boston College with a degree in General Management].

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MK: Is there any player currently in the NFL to whom you feel that you are most comparable?

DT: I can't say that right now. Some of the corners that I like to watch right now are Cromartie and Champ Bailey, I watched both of them a lot in college. I feel like those are two of the best corners out there.

MK: Who are you most looking forward to covering in the NFL?

DT: There's not one guy in particular. I feel like at this level, you can just about expect anything from any receiver, you know, it's the highest level of competition so you're going to get a run for your money every time you step foot on the field in the National Football League, so I'm just looking forward to the opportunity of playing, no matter who it's against.

MK: How often did you intercept Matt Ryan [#3 overall pick to Atlanta] in practice?

DT: We would go back and forth. Sometimes I would pick him off, and sometimes he would make a good play against me as well. My whole five-year career, going against Matt is something that definitely made me a lot better. I've made him better over the years as well, so it kinda worked in a good way for both of us.

MK: You also played basketball [along with baseball and track] at North College Hill High School in Cincinnati, where O.J. Mayo was a star for three years after you graduated. How do you think you would do against him in a game of one-on-one?

DT: [Laughing] I'll leave that to O.J., man. He's playing basketball, and I'm a football player. I know I can't mess with him on the basketball court, so he's got that.

MK: Well LeBron James was an All-State wide receiver in high school, so do you think you could handle O.J. on the football field?

DT: [Laughing] I like my odds against O.J. on the football field. Basketball is another story, he's a good player, but I think I like my chances on the football field.

Click here for the rest of this interview, where Tribble talks about playing special teams, learning the defense and more.

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