NFL Expert Adam Caplan's Chat Roundup's NFL Insider Adam Caplan has been busy this week answering questions from fans around the network. Caplan dishes about Anquan Boldin, Chad Johnson and other big names in the league. He also explains what last year's prominent rookies need to improve on, which draftees will make the biggest impact and much more in this exclusive Q&A feature.

Many of the guards in this draft went very late or not at all. Are there any you see as particular values?

The guard/tackle types like Sam Baker and Duane Brown went well earlier than expected because of the run on tackles. Those two were the lowest rated of the late-round-one, early-round-two guys. That's why they went earlier than expected, much earlier actually.

Anything new on potential developments for Lito Sheppard, Jeremy Shockey, Chad Johnson and Anquan Boldin?

All are expected to stay with their teams.

Chad isn't going?

As I noted back at the owners meetings, and it looks like I was right. Sheppard wanted a new deal and that held up other teams trading for him.

What do you think of Ray Rice? Will he make an impact as a rookie?

Again, you have people who either haven't seen him play or don't understand what they are looking at. He is a solid change-of-pace back and will offer the Baltimore Raves more speed at running back.

Getting Rice gives them a different look on third downs and passing situations, something they didn't have previously...Rice can be flanked out wide in certain formations.

I'm one of the guys who is concerned about the lack of pass rush from the Washington Redskins D-line. Any info on if the Redskins are looking to improve here?

I don't expect anything significant to come to fruition. They didn't have high grades on the ones that went in the first two rounds. I can tell you they do like Alex Buzbee.

What did you think of the Vikings' overall offseason?

As for the offseason, getting Jared Allen was obviously the best move of all to make, although risky because of the possibility of a suspension for a year for another DUI.

What does Adrian Peterson need to do to stay healthy? Can he change his style?

Peterson needs to run out of bounds more. He will learn that.

Are there many teams heavy in cornerback talent, so that they will have some late preseason trades?

We could see the Eagles do something.

What happens with signing bonuses after 2009?

Nothing, they are paid. Without a cap, though, free agents aren't unrestricted until six years.

Which of the rookie running backs do you expect to have the best chance for success this year?

Matt Forte and Darren McFadden.

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