Troy OC Neil Brown Talks About WR Gary Banks's Scott Domitrowits starts a new series interviewing the college coaches of this year's rookie class. Up first is Troy offensive coordinator Neil Brown, who coached WR Gary Banks last season. Banks led the Trojans in receiving last year with 61 catches and 698 yards. Is it enough for him to stick? Brown has the inside scoop.

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Scott Domitrowits: Gary Banks would face Leodis McKelvin, the No. 11 overall pick, every day in practice. How did he match up with him?

Neil Brown: I'll tell you what, Leodis is a really great player and definitely is talented enough to deserve to be drafted at the 11th spot, and Gary won just as many battles as he lost against Leodis. He trained and played well against a top talent everyday.

SD: What kind of work ethic does Gary have?

NB: He really has a great work ethic; no one works harder. Gary is also extremely mature both physically and mentally. He made himself the great player that he is by working hard.

SD: What kind of character will he bring to the locker room?

NB: Gary was a leader on our football team for the last three years because he is 26 and one of the oldest members of our team. He is a leader in our locker room and he was always a leader with the other activities he did here at Troy. All of our guys looked up to him and he set the tone with his work ethic and leadership.

SD: What is the best part of Gary's game?

NB: Gary is very physical and can get the separation needed to get open. Also, his intelligence of football is outstanding. Gary is a great player on special teams, too, because of his outstanding blocking ability. He has a lot of things that are going to get him to make it in the NFL.

SD: What is the part of his game that needs improvement?

NB: Just like anyone else, he just needs an opportunity. Teams are worried about his speed, which he ran in the low 4.5s at the Combine. That is not super fast, but I really feel it's fast enough for him to be a great receiver at the pro level. He had injured his shoulder in the last couple weeks of the season, which required surgery because of a torn labrum. I know teams are worried about this, too, but he has recovered from it and is ready to work hard.

SD: What is his attitude like on the field?

NB: Gary is very competitive. He is not one to talk trash the whole time; he just plays the game right. One thing in particular on the field which shows his attitude is that he is a great blocker. He's so physical and tough that he's not going to back down from anyone. He's just a competitor.

SD: Is there a particular play that stands out in your mind that shows you what kind of player Gary is?

NB: The first play that stands out in my mind is in his junior year against Middle Tennessee for the conference title. Gary caught the game-winning touchdown on a slant with not much time left. He also made some really good plays against Florida State (7 receptions, 67 yards) in his junior year. He plays outstanding against top talent, which makes me think even more he will be a great pro receiver.

Come back to tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Banks!

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