Report Card Week 10

The Chargers lost to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday 28-24 but they looked far worse than the score says.

QUATERBACKS- Drew Brees was not able to seal the deal. Quarterbacking is judged on wins and losses and though he was just part of the blame, he must take the heat as the leader of the team. Brees could have been among the heroes had Tim Dwight caught that pass at the 7-yard line. Instead he takes the blame for a loss with 12-20 passing for 139 yards and two interceptions. Grade: D

RUNNING BACKS- LaDainian Tomlinson gets points for his post game comments, which should spark the team. He also had a good day rushing the ball with 120 yards on 24 carries and one touchdown. Grade: A

RECEIVERS- Curtis Conway was held to two catches and Reche Caldwell is barely used snaring just one reception. Stephen Alexander had one catch after a breakout game last week. Dwight missing a catch in the fourth quarter was one of the big reasons for a Bolt loss. Grade: F

OFFENSIVE LINE- The unit committed numerous false start penalties and various other infractions that cost the Chargers big plays. Ed Ellis was shaky replacing Damion McIntosh and was benched in the fourth quarter. The unit did well blocking for Tomlinson and provided Brees with adequate pass protection. Grade: C-

DEFENSIVE LINE- The line did a good job of bottling up Marshall Faulk keeping him to 36 yards on 13 carries, but got absolutely no pressure on quarterback Marc Bulger. Bulger often had times where he could wait out the coverage and find the open man due to no one being even close to him. Grade: F

LINEBACKERS- This unit did little in pass coverage and was barely visible most of the day. The unit forced two turnovers and recovered one, which was returned for a touchdown, but they could not pressure the quarterback or defend any passes that came their way. Grade: F

SECONDARY- Ryan McNeil recovered two fumbles and returned one for a touchdown. When it counted they could not stop Isaac Bruce or any Rams receiver from making catches down the field. Rogers Beckett had the worst game of his career. Grade: F

SPECIAL TEAMS- Ronney Jenkins showed life on a 52-yard return that put the Bolts in position to potentially win the game. Tim Dwight was solid on punt returns with an 11-yard average on three returns. The hands team on the field for the onsides kick that the Rams recovered did a poor job of running to the ball. Instead Reche Caldwell let the ball come to him and Dre' Bly out jumped him. Grade: C

COACHING- The fourth quarter gameplan was way too conservative. Marty Schottenheimer failed to give his team the killer instinct needed to win. Twice late in the game and deep in St territory Schottenheimer decided to punt instead of attempting field goals. They played not to lose and paid dearly. Grade: F

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