Coach's Perspective on DL Keith Shologan's Scott Domitrowits catches up with Central Florida defensive line coach Jim Panagos for an inside scouting report on Chargers rookie Keith Shologan. The CFL is a possibility for Shologan, a former Canadian wrestling champion, but he prefers to realize his dream in the NFL. Does his former coach think he can make it?

Scott Domitrowits: With your experience coaching Keith Shologan? What makes you think he'll be prepared to play in the NFL?

Jim Panagos: He is the hardest worker I've seen in my 11 years of coaching. I think a lot of it has to do with his background growing up on a farm in Canada. That is where he learned that you need to work hard to succeed, and his parents are great people who always reinforced that message. He always has the responsibility to do the right thing and that will prove to be very valuable in the NFL.

SD: What kind of character will he bring to the locker room?

JP: He has an extremely high character and he always led by example. When he spoke, the guys listened. He studied film and practiced like it was the game. He put the effort in, and a lot of the guys looked up to that.

SD: What is the best part of Shologan's game?

DL Keith Shologan
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JP: He is really good at getting off the line; he has a great get-off move. He also gets really great leverage with his hands. He takes coaching extremely well and applies it to game situations.

SD: What is the part of his game which needs improvement?

JP: He needs to play multiple positions. Because he has sort of an in-between size, he needs to learn to play all positions on the line because he has no set position. Also, he needs to work on his pass rush if he wants to compete at the next level.

SD: Is there a particular play that stands out in your mind that shows you how great a player he is?

JP: Against Texas in the fourth quarter, we needed a big stop. He took on a double-team on third-and-1 and made a huge stop for us. He does his job every play and stepped up all the time. He did it against big talent, too. He played lights-out and played great football for us.

SD: He was the fourth overall pick in the CFL draft to the Saskatchewan Roughriders but did not hear his name called in the NFL draft. Are you surprised?

JP: I know he wants to be an NFL player. I wasn't surprised that he did not get drafted because he is 6'1" and 290 pounds, but he has the things coaches love and he will do his job every play. He is always in the right gap and he can be trusted 100 percent to do his job every single play.

SD: In your opinion, do you think he can be an asset to the Chargers?

JP: I think he has a good chance. I know a lot of linemen like him in the league right now and he just needs to play well and play well early, but I really think he can.

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