Insider Exclusive: Q&A with TE Wade Betschart

Michael Kranzler continues his interview with rookie tight end Wade Betschart, this time for Insiders only. Betschart talks about wrestling with Nick Hardwick, using his strength to his advantage and playing H-back in Norv Turner's offense.

Michael Kranzler: You were an all-state wrestler in high school, and went 40-0 in your senior season. How does that help you when you are blocking?

Wade Betschart: Mainly, just with leverage and positioning. In wrestling, if you get out of position you get in trouble pretty quickly. The same thing goes when you're blocking somebody. If you get off-balance or if you're leaning on someone too much, they can throw you down or get by you. I think the big thing is staying in good position and getting leverage on somebody.

MK: Chargers center Nick Hardwick was also a star wrestler in high school. Is there any chance of a pay-per-view rumble during training camp? Who do you think would win?

WB: Oh, I don't know. He's quite a bit bigger than me and probably a little stronger and more experienced and all that. He'd probably be a tough match.

MK: You also were all-state twice in track & field throwing events [shot put in 2002 and discus in 2003]. How did competing in those events help you in football?

WB: The big thing with those is mainly technique and strength. I just had to work on my strength for those events, and that obviously translates to football, being big and strong.

MK: You majored in Agricultural Business at Wyoming. What exactly does that entail?

WB: Basically, it's all kinds of agriculture, from crop production to beef, cattle and swine production. Pretty much, all there is in agriculture. I'm somewhat of an expert after getting that degree.

MK: The Chargers are very active in using an H-back in their offense. What do you think you have to offer the team in terms of that role?

WB: I think the big thing is that it is kind of similar to the system that I ran here at Wyoming. I played a lot of H-back/fullback-type, coming out of the backfield, catching passes, blocking and all of that. I also played with my hand down on the line here, and that's what the Chargers expect from their H-backs. I need to be able to not only come out of the backfield and block from the backfield but also have my hand down on the line and play tight end as well. I can do both of those things, and I think that's why I fit into the offense.

MK: Is there anything that you want to say to all the Chargers fans out there or that you would want them to know about you?

WB: I'm just happy to be a San Diego Charger. When I got the call, I was as happy to go to San Diego as I would have been to go anywhere. I'm happy to be a Charger and I hope that they're glad to have me to.

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