Coach's Take on OG Brandyn Dombrowski's Scott Domitrowits lands an exclusive interview with SDSU O-line coach Jonathan Himebauch to talk about rookie guard Brandyn Dombrowski. Himebauch believes his former pupil is comparable to veteran Mike Goff and capable of playing some tackle for the Bolts. Find out what else Himebauch has to say in this Q&A.

Scott Domitrowits: What kind of preparation did Brandyn Dombrowski show you in college that indicates he will be prepared for the NFL?

Jonathan Himebauch: He really worked super hard. He's really committed himself. He is big, strong and physical. He also put some extra effort into improving his foot speed and quickness. For such a big guy (6'5", 325 pounds), he's done such a good job preparing. For a big man to to move as well as he does, he has separated himself from a lot of other players of his size.

SD: What is the best part of Dombrowski's game?

JH: He's a great pass protector. He's so big; he has a big, strong grip and powerful hands that made him a very dominant pass protector in college. It was hard for defensive linemen to get off of him because of his raw power. He was a very dominant offensive lineman.

SD: What is the part of his game which needs improvement?

JH: If he can move over and play some tackle, that will give him the opportunity to bring more to the team. The more reps he gets the more comfortable he will be. When he knows the scheme and knows what to do, he'll become more effective. He just needs to play as many reps as possible and he can bring a lot to the table.

SD: Is there a particular play that stands out in your mind that shows you how great a player Dombrowski can be?

JH: The first one that pops into my mind was against UTEP his junior year. It was my first game as the offensive line coach and we threw a screen pass. On the play Brandyn threw the defensive lineman on the ground, ran up field and knocked two linebackers right on the ground. One of the linebackers got knocked into another defender on the play, so Brandyn got three knockdowns on one play. When a player has that much force throwing guys down it's really something. It was like he was a bull in the china shop. It just showed he's a big man who can move really well.

SD: What is Dombrowski's personality like off the field?

JH: He's a big joker. He was a very well liked guy who was really outgoing. He's so excited to be back at home with the Chargers and he can be the type of personality people with gravitate towards.

SD: Which NFL player does Dombrowski remind you of?

JH: I think the player would probably be Chargers guard Mike Goff. They are both guys who are really nasty, physical players with size and athletic ability.

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