Insider Exclusive: Q&A with CB Stanley Franks's Michael Kranzler continues his interview with rookie CB Stanley Franks, this time for Insiders only. Franks talks about being compared to Chad Johnson, being pulled aside by Chargers SS Clinton Hart and being discounted because of his smaller stature. Find out what else he says in this Q&A.

Michael Kranzler: What was it like making the transition from wide receiver to cornerback when you got to Idaho?

Stanley Franks: It wasn't too difficult because, in my eyes, playing corner is just like playing receiver but you're doing it all backwards. You're basically just the mirror image of a wide receiver, so it wasn't too difficult. It was pretty natural because I played a lot of positions in high school.

MK: You played with the 2008 NFL Draft's "Mr. Irrelevant" [Idaho LB David Vobora]. Do you guys make fun of him at all for that title?

SF: He actually gave me a call today and left me a message. I definitely bugged him about it a little bit on draft day. I called him and told him congratulations but it really doesn't matter. [Laughing] We definitely bug him about it, but he did get drafted.

MK: Your high school coach has been quoted as saying that you have the demeanor of Chad Johnson. With all of the trouble he has been making this offseason with his contract, is that the kind of comparison you want?

SF: I don't think he meant personality-wise. I think he meant just as a player on the field. Chad Johnson is a very confident player on the field, and if you put all the off-the-field issues aside, he's a heck of a receiver.

MK: Your Idaho teammates have said that one of the best things about you is that you have "little-man syndrome," in that you don't have elite size (5'9", 177 pounds) but you have the heart and fire to be a special player. Do you agree with that assessment?

SF: Oh yeah, definitely. My whole career, from JuCo on to D-I ball, I've had people telling me that I was too small, that they want corners to be this size, but I'm just out to continue to prove them wrong. You need a lot of heart to play the game, as well as size.

MK: Have any of the veterans started to mentor you on the field?

SF: Clinton Hart, the safety, he's a hell of a guy just from just the little time that I got to spend with him. He took a lot of the rookies aside and gave us a sincere talk about the business and about how we're just not out there for the Chargers but how this is our life and a great opportunity. He really opened up our eyes and really brought it home. He was pretty real out there. I'm really grateful to have him in the secondary.

MK: Is there anything that you want to say to all the Chargers fans out there or that you want them to know about you?

SF: While I'm out there, and whenever I'm on the field, I'm going to put all my heart into it and give them everything I've got out there.

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