Coach's Perspective on CB Antoine Cason's Scott Domitrowits chats with Arizona defensive coordinator and secondary coach Mark Stoops to get the answers to some tough questions about Antoine Cason. What kind of receivers does Cason struggle against? Where does he need improvement? How much will his speed hold him back? Stoops has all the answers.

Scott Domitrowits: What kind of work did Antoine Cason do in college that makes you think he'll be ready for the pros?

Mark Stoops: He has an awful lot of experience. He played virtually every down when he was here. He came in as a freshman and continued to learn and progress all the way through his career. When you have great habits like that, they don't change overnight. He is truly working hard to be the best pro player he can be.

SD: Cason isn't known as a cornerback with elite speed. Will this hurt him at the pro level?

MS: He certainly has enough speed to compete. I think a lot of that (playing corner in the pros) is just the ability to know and play football. I have all the confidence he'll get it done in the pros.

SD: What is the best part of Cason's game?

MS: I would just say his play-making ability. He always made huge plays in the biggest of games for us.

CB Antoine Cason
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SD: What is the part of Cason's game that needs improvement in order to be successful at the pro level?

MS: I really think he has all the skills, it is just that he will need to adjust to the overall pro game. I think every player that makes that jump to the pros needs to make adjustments and Antoine will have to do that also.

SD: Is there a game that stands out in your mind that really showed off Cason's skills?

MS: The Oregon game this year during his senior year. Oregon was the No. 2 team in the country and Antoine made two plays for touchdowns: one interception and one return. He dominated the game.

SD: Will he be able to make an immediate impact for the Chargers?

MS: Yes, I think he'll be ready to play. He'll probably be working in on nickel and dime stuff, but I certainly think he can make an impact.

SD: How did Cason handle matchups with pro-caliber wide receivers in college?

MS: He did extremely well. He always played the best against the best competition.

SD: Is there a type of receiver that Cason had trouble guarding in the past?

MS: Absolutely not. He really could shut down any type of receiver.

SD: How proud of Cason were you when he decided to stay for his senior season despite having a very successful junior year?

MS: I was very happy Antoine decided to stay. He is a very bright guy who wanted the best for him and his family. I'm so glad he stayed and I certainly hope that the decision works out for him.

SD: What kind of asset can he be for the Chargers?

MS: I believe he'll be a starting cornerback eventually, for sure...if not in San Diego, somewhere else.

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