Coach's Perspective on CB Stanley Franks's Scott Domitrowits keeps checking in with college coaches to get inside scouting reports on Chargers rookies. Domitrowits catches up with Idaho coach Robb Akey to talk about CB Stanley Franks. Akey compares Franks to current NFL stars, breaks down his strengths and weaknesses, and explains why he is NFL-ready.

Scott Domitrowits: What kind of preparations did Stanley Franks make while at Idaho that will have him ready to play in the NFL?

Robb Akey: We put him against the best players we played against every week. He worked hard and developed great feet and cover ability. He even prepared on the offensive side of the ball and caught some touchdowns for us. He played against top-notch talent, like that great wide receiving corps at Hawaii, and covered them all.

SD: What is the best part of Franks' game?

RA: His feet and his make-up speed are his biggest strengths. The other thing is he's an extremely smart kid and he's very coachable. He can take what he is taught quickly and convert it on the field.

SD: What is the part of his game that needs improvement?

RA: He just has to show them what he is capable of doing. He will be tested everyday, because in college he would go against guys who were just too easy for him. For the Chargers, he is just playing against a lot better talent.

SD: Is there a particular play that stands out in your mind that shows you how great a player Stanley can be?

RA: In a game against Washington State, he made a particular play that tells everything about both his ability and intelligence. He read their quarterback and realized what the pre-snap alignment was. He ends up baiting the quarterback, breaking on the pattern and making a great pick. It really showed all his talents in one play.

SD: What pro player does his playing style remind you of?

RA: When I was at Washington State, there were two guys who both reminded me so much of Stanley: Marcus Trufant from the Seahawks and Tyron Brackenridge with the Kansas City Chiefs. Marcus is a really great talent who had great feet like Stanley. Stanley is faster and has better feet than Breckenridge but shares that physical ability just like Tyron. Tyron had a lot of playing time in Kansas City and I think Stanley can also get a lot of playing time in the NFL right away.

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